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  • The BIrthday Girl
    The BIrthday Girl
  • Malina-Party Planner Extraordinaire
    Malina-Party Planner Extraordinaire

Ben’s mom and twin sister, Mary, celebrated a milestone birthday last weekend. Here are some shots from the surprise party that was organized by the Pawson and Webber family members. Good times had by all. Some people might have gotten a bit dehydrated!


Since the move we have been missing the delicious bread we could find so easily inFrance. So, I bought Tartine Bread book as a gift for Ben as a thank you for the great work he did during the move. He really enjoyed the process from creating his own starter to tracking down his own wild yeast. A real bread adventure. We had our first loaves this week and I can honestly say, very French-esque! We had also been to Tartine (a great cafe and bakery in San Fran) on our honeymoon so we are quite partial to all things Robertson/Prueitt.

Up close… some shots of Edinburgh.

The one day of summer in Edinburgh! One day it is 23 degrees and the next day it was 13! Everyone could not get over how hot it was. I lucked out that day, I was out on a photo shoot around the city taking photos for marketing collateral.  Off to parliament, the National Gallery of Modern Art and views from a restaurant balcony. Edinburgh is a great city.


We have a day bed. I never thought I would own a day bed. My friend Jessica had a day bed and I am pretty sure I teased her about this, all…the…time, and now we have one! The bed arrived but we had forgotten to order the mattresses. oops. They came the next day. It is ready for visitors.

How I am feeling today. 

Ben’s birthday was too fun!


Oh so true! Our go-to phrase for our first weeks in Edinburgh. 

Picture of the National Gallery of Modern Art.

Up on Calton Hill. Great views of the city. We had sunshine that day! There is an observatory and Scotland’s version of the Acropolis, the unfinished version.

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