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Photo taken in Los Angeles, California, Honeymoon 2007… so much fun!

I have still to reach the stage where it’s OK to take my shirt off.


My husband’s response to my Mom

There comes a time in every man’s life where going shirtless when running or biking around local parks is not pretty. If I am alive I will tell you when that time comes, if dead, I will send you a sign. Love you all, M

My Mom, addressing the men in her family…

My brother Charlie is in a short film that will premiere at the New York Film Festival. He is so cool. If you like what you see here, you can see him in other works such as the Producers (he convincingly played clapping audience member 71), he had a continuing stint on the Young and the Restless (industry rumor has it Brad and George get their fork acting from him) and he received raves in God Sees Dog: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead (“Charlie Gorrilla shines as Matt, and the darkness and fear inside of him really pours out onto the stage”), even our Mom said, “Char’s character was just so terrible, you just did not like him”. This says a lot because Charlie is extremely likeable! I had the pleasure seeing him in Happy Hour an off Broadway production. Once I got over the fact he was my brother, I was convinced by his portrayal of a womaniser! Plus I got a shout-out at the end, brought a tear to my eye. He as numerous auditions on the horizon and I am still holding out hope he hires me as his stylist when he hits the big time.

RATION Short Film (2011)

Directed by Michael Robayo
Written by Michael Robayo
Starring Seth Lefberg & Charlie Gorrilla

Find out more info on RATION on its Facebook Page. 

Reviewed by Ambush Bug

RATION is a short film that doesn’t feel like one. It’s a fully realized concept that fits nicely into the 20 minute package Michael Robayo maps out about a pair of men trapped in an apartment after what looks to be a nuclear bomb has dropped. The budgets are low here, but not really noticeable mainly due to the strength of the two actors and the skill Robayo has behind the camera. Robayo concentrates on little details, constantly using his camera as a microscope noticing the most subtle movements, nuances, and details of the slowly emaciating actors and their slowly decaying environment around them.


I came across Daytrotter a few months ago. It is a great little site. Based in Illinois and founded by a group from ‘Real America’ (for a humorous story on this concept, see 30 Rock). The featured musicians are passing through and are invited to stop into the studio for a recording session. The folks at Daytrotter then make the music available for us to download. Now I receive an email every Wednesday with that week’s new sessions. Have a look, I am sure you will enjoy.





GETTING ARTY… Enjoying the sunshine on Saturday after a cycling adventure, gone wrong.

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