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I am off to Paris this weekend for a recruitment event. I am anxious to see how much French I have forgotten in the four and a half months we have lived in Edinburgh. I need to pop in and meet the British Council-Paris. When I emailed them about why I wanted to visit, they sent me an email back about how I could apply for a job, not a good sign for their pro-U.K. education stance. I think I might have enough time to be able to hop a metrovelo and whiz around the city to some of my favorite places. Probably a visit to Merci in Faubourg-St.Antoine to drool over all their unique gift items and maybe grab a chocloat-chaud in their used-book lined cafe. Then crossing La Seine to visit Jardins de Luxembourg and read some magazines- I am a bit behind on my Vanity Fair- October issue. I will wind my way back through the narrow sens-unique streets of the Marais. I am staying at the Hotel Palyme, across from the Gare de Lyon (it is a clean and comfortable hotel, great neighborhood and near metro line 1, it is also very reasonably priced). If the body is willing, I will go for a run, recreating parts of our running in Paris video. Then dinner at the best restaurant in Paris, Swann et Vincent. The trip will be short, but the enthusiasm will be high! Photos to follow.

The images are from a very cool blog New York versus Paris: A Tally of Two Cities (so punny)!

WELLINGTON BOOTS… One wet-weather essential that I am lacking is a pair of Wellington Boots. Our friend Sarah was visiting recently and her quest for the perfect wellies spurred along mine. After moving here, I had come across the brand Le Chameau (French for camel), their how-the-boots are made video is really interesting. But as Sarah had pointed out to the salesman at Gamefish, the objective is ‘to walk around town looking pretty’, our use is not marching through mud and fields in camouflage and hunter orange. That brings us back to the Scottish brand of Hunter, which are worn by just about everyone (from Kate Moss to Nicki Minaj and Ed Westwick (but he is kind of cool). Hunter have even take the trendiness of wellie a bit too far, crocodile-embossed, wedged heel with laces and zips in metallic gold! Sarah is leaning towards the navy, I am undecided. As soon I as find the elusive huntress style from Hunter then I will be able to make an informed Wellington decision. Stay tuned.



Mr.Greensjeans needs a female counterpart, like Batman and Robin, Scooby and Shaggy, Fred and Barney and I think with these jeans, I could fit the bill, but I am torn. After trying these on at Anthropologie, I have determined they are the jeans I have been looking for, 7/8 length, comfortbale waist height and a nice, flattering fit. Is the color too bold? I just cannot decide. I can imagine they are my walking-through-Madrid-with-my-husband-jeans.

Richard sent his corrections, so I can’t do your graphs, here is a link to a good tutorial, you can do it!


Ben, always so willing to help me be better at my job.


After a gruelling year, my sweet Ben has completed his MBA thesis, it is winging its way to GGSB as you read this! Thesis completion means that Ben has also completed his MBA and will soon be awarded a diploma from a top-European Business School. Some details on his mini-tome:

Official Title: What Cost Accountabliity?

Final Word Count: 19,300

Pages: 58

New White Hairs: 13

Days until celebration in Madrid: 11

What’s next for my master’s graduate? Per our original ZOPA, Ben will be taking the month of October for Ben-time, an opportunity to relax and enjoy life outside the thesis room. Then the world is wide open to him!

Ben, I am beyond proud of you! I knew you would CRUSH it. Love you!

A brief digression from Travel Monday’s for this exciting news!

LEGO RUGBY… I have joined the fans across the world that are watching the 2011 Rugby World Cup, my lack of rugby knowledge is not needed for this cute video. Based on this video alone, I think I will throw my support behind the All Blacks!

The Haka at the beginning brings me back to my admissions team in Grenoble, we had an awesome Kiwi team member who sadly left us to head home. Deb led the team in a rousing Haka before her departure. The Maori would have been quaking in their boots watching an Austral-Swiss, Welsh-French, French-French and American attempt this tradition. 

He brings me lunch, just to get out of the house. T-3 days until the thesis will be sent.

ADORKABLE?… Before I had the fourth worst haircut in my life in April (other marked hair mistake-before my senior pictures in high-school, I think my mom still has anger flashbacks when she sees this picture hanging on the wall. I know I do!), Zooey Deschanel was my hair icon. She is really fun in 500 Days of Summer (great movie) and Elf (the new Christmas classic, just after A Christmas Story). Zooey act, sings, dances and has great hair. I saw on itunes that she was going to be in a new T.V. show this fall and after watching the first episode (free for download on iTunes), it could be a fun new comedy, I’ll have to watch a few more episodes to make my final, fair assessment (not just based on her hair). If this is not your cup of tea, you should check out her ‘mini-band’ She and Him, they are groovy and she can wail!

I now have my own bank account, so along with this new power, I was also able to secure a mobile phone! The real surprise was, this time, I was allowed to keep this phone longer than three days, a real coup in becoming a real U.K. resident. I went with the iphone 3GS. Since I do not have a large number of U.K. based friends, I am getting to know the phone through apps. It is great fun.

For those of you wondering, we can still be reached at our usual home number(s).

A special thanks to Sarah who waited patiently during the sign-up process.


New York announced this week its plan to launch its own bike sharing program! This is so exciting. We have used the similar scheme in Minneapolis, London and Paris and Paris is by far the easiest. Who new the French would have such an easy program. 




MSP further solidifying the Minnesota-Nice stereotype.

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