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The New Year’s Eve moon, the camera does not do it justice. 


Since we do not own our home we are limited to how we can decorate. In attempts to add some pizzaz to our bookshelf we team-arranged our collection in the colors of the rainbow. Moving to the second shelf it is an extensive collection of black books and then white ones. Ben did the same for his vinyl collection and in the process we unwrapped the record player (it was still in its bubble wrap from the move) and have been enjoying some of Ben’s favorites, Prince, B-52’s, Neville Brothers and a stolen-from-his-parents Rolling Stones. 

An hour of vacation well spent.

ALCOHOLIC SNOW… We found our new favorite Christmas tradition, homemade eggnog. The egg whites whipped to a firm peaky frenzy, blended with milk and cream. Bourbon is the secret ingredient, we opted for Jim Beam. It is not an everyday drink, only for special occasions. 

It does make for a sleepy post-brunch lull, but it’s Christmas!


BIRTHDAY IN REIGATE… Last weekend Ben and I went to Reigate. Reigate is the town where Ben lived when I first met him. Reigate is a charmingly posh commuter town south of London where our friends Paul and Helen live with their children Jack and Oliver. I have taken a shine to Oliver (we are both second children, I think this is the basis of our friendship).

Paul and Helen hosted a very civilized 40th Birthday Party in Paul’s honor. Friends from all over the U.K. were there. We all benefitted from Paul’s love of wine. He organized a wine tasting featuring 10 wines from the world over. We were given the dainty wine tasting glasses which ensured we were not dehydrated the next morning. Such good hosts.

We had such a great time we cannot wait for Paul’s 50th!

Taken with instagram


He came! The man in the red suit. Phew!

I was worried since we have yet to send out a change of address card, but through the magic of what I would say must be GPS, there were gifts on the hearth yesterday morning.

What does Santa bring where there is a 20 pound price limit? 

Santa has the habit of buying for himself/herself and then enjoying the gift himself/herself, this year was no different.

Santa gifted Ben a copy of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. I am on page 42! He also received three different bottles of Chirstmas beer, Dorothy Goodbody Christmas Ale, Rudolph Rednose Reinbeer and Delirium Tremens Christmas. Some of which will be shared with me!


(Still in the fridge)

(Quite tasty) 

I received two ‘Zines and a shoe box. We are still fighting over the shoebox. It was used to disguise one of my Zines from Analogue Books of previous entry fame. It is cute ‘Zine about French idioms by Carolyn Alexander. The author happens to live in the mountains near Grenoble. The illustrations are very clever and there were several expressions I did not know.

The second ‘Zine I received was photography-centric. It is called Romka. Amateur and professional photographers submit their photos along with the story attached to the image. The stories vary in length and importance, some were incredibly sad about friends and family lost (not so Christmassy). Ben has read this cover to cover, I even think he has my copy under his pillow.

My mom sent us a version of The Night Before Christmas, a classic which should be in anyone’s collection.

A special thank you to Chazzy for his gift. It is all mine!

ON THE HUNT… I was searching for a dress for a wedding we have in January. Anthropologie had some fun holiday decorations. I think Ben wanted to hide under the table, but he waited patiently and I left empty handed. No new dress for me. The search continues.

Happy Holidays from Buffy and Ben!

Image courtesy of Athropologie United Kingdom.

Taken with instagram


My Mom always made what seemed like an endless supply of Christmas cookies when we were growing up. Something for everyone’s taste. I have never been one to turn down a cookie so this time of year has always been delicious.

My brothers and I had dibs after she had plated cookies for teachers and neighbors. We were almost guaranteed good grades in January, almost, but not quite. 

In France, Ben and I gifted friends with cookies several years running, but we gave up after trying to out do ourselves every year. We were never able to make a munchable biscotti.

This year, to spread cheer, Ben and I teamed up to make goodies for the limited number of people we know. We used my Mom’s much sought after gingersnap recipe. We boiled oranges in simple syrup for an hour for the bright orangettes. We used The Queen of Butter and Comfort, Paula Deen’s recipe for chocolate-covered toffee

For the presentation, I sewed some little bags with the never-ending plaid fabric. How huge did the fabric salesperson think Ben was? Very rustic and charming! Ben’s favorite kind of charm.

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