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WEDDING FUN… We were invited to our first Scottish wedding this weekend. I can report Ben can pull off a plaid tie, the kilt and classic jacket with square buttons is a suitable wedding ensemble and Scottish dancing is tricky, we attempted a Gay Gordons. Luckily for me, Paul, a real Scotsmen, took pity on me and offered to be my dance partner. Ben was shown the ropes by Paul’s wife, a Glaswegian. We were constantly overtaken by more capable couples swirling around the floor and we were not asked to dance again. No bother, we had been practicing our patented moves in the living room, we think we have moooovvvveeessss.

There was a difficult to understand D.J. who was pushing play and for those of you who are concerned, rest assured, I Gotta Feeling remains a popular wedding song and Shania Twain seems more popular in Scotland than she has been in years (Looks Like We Made It and Man, I Feel Like a Woman, two of the first six songs). 

We were on the train by 9.49 p.m. and collected our post wedding calzones by 10.30, we forewent the hot/cold buffet, too many fried treats. However, we did indulge in the cupcakes, the ceremony was at 6.30, the buffet did not open until 9.15, I was desparate for a snack. 

We wish the best to Sharon and Eddie. Being married is super fun.


SUNDAY STROLL… After one too many episodes of the Gilmore Girls, we needed some fresh air. Here are some shots from our walk out, it was a brisk (as in temperature), sunny-meander up Calton Hill. 



We have a very important visitor arriving next week. My mom lands on Sunday, February 5.

This is her first visit to our new apartment and our new city. We are so excited; we have a week of fun times and memory making planned.

My mom has agreed to go to her first spinning class. We are going to visit Ben’s mom and dad. There will be plenty of wandering around Edinburgh, people watching and latte drinking. Some of our favorite mother-daughter travel activities. 

Unfortunately, I have to leave on February 10 (going to Toronto), Ben will carry on the entertainment and my mom’s birthday celebration until she heads out on February 12.

A GOOD GIGGLE… Enjoy your weekend!

A word of advice, don’t watch this at work if you have a shared office.


Before Ben entered my life, my classic film collection consisted of The Breakfast Club, Footloose, Girls Just Want to Have Fun and Flashdance. Then here he comes, mister-I-did-Film-Studies-as-an-A-level. Ben was/is a self-admitted movie snob, so he had seen a wide-variety of classics and foreign films to my main-stream, happy ending fare.

During the Christmas vacation, Ben and I consulted AFI’s Top 100 Movies to select a few features to enjoy. 

We screened eight and below is my visual ranking of my top choices.                                           

Did you know? Christopher Plummer did not do his own singing in The Sound of Music, neither did Nathalie Wood in West Side Story. 

Marilyn Monroe was originally cast as the lead in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, can you imagine?

In Singin’ in the Rain, the rain consisted of a mixture of water and milk so it would show up better on film.

This will come as no surprise to anyone, but I also realized I will never be as graceful as Audrey Hepburn!

What are your favourite classic films?

I’M BACK… Guess who surprised me at the train station? He is just so great. Thanks Ben.

HEADING OUT… Goodbye London, it has been fun. See you again in March.

Taken with instagram

FAIR… All set up, let the potential students arrive. This is my second fair for the Business School. The first one was in Paris in October. I feel more knowledgable now and today I benefit from the expertise of colleagues from the main University of Edinburgh recruitment services on my right to answer the tough queries.

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