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WALKING TO THE FAIR… After last night’s little running girl lost episode, I did not take any chances in finding my way to Senate House on the University of London campus. I was in the map and made the 5 minute journey with no wrong turns. 

Morning coffee.


I am off to London this morning, a work trip, but I hope to squeeze in some fun and some runs around Regents Park during my 2 nights away. A Pret a Manger visit will be in order (they make a mean granola, yogurt and fruit breakfast bowl). If I am really lucky, I might be able to see our friend Sarah, if she can squeeze me into her schedule (she is a nurse and is kept very by by work).

I am training from capital city to capital city, between working, I am planning on watching some films and/or T.V. shows that Ben does not want to see. I need to catch up on my reading of Vanity Fair. I am behind about three issues. So ScarJo, Lady Gaga and Johnny Depp are all on my radar this trip.

I am going to try to document my adventures via Instagram! A fun visual diary.

RUNNING… I had a great run around Regents Park, home of London Business School and the London Zoo. Trying to avoid pedestrian traffic on my way back, I attempted the small back streets and got lost. Then my phone died so I could not even get into my GPS map. I eventually found my way back to the hotel, all in, a 5.56 mile run in the London mist. 

KINGS CROSS STATION… Arrived. 1000 to 1446, two movies and two Vanity Fair articles later. I did not look for Harry Potter’s secret platform which I believe is located at this station. 

YORK STATION… A view from a blurry train window. York itself is a beautiful city. I visited during my study in England year as was very impressed. 

ON THE TRAIN… The quiet car. I had two seats so I could spread out. Not bad.



We had our first friends for dinner this weekend. It was great fun. Enjoyable company. 

We voted the menu as one of our best. We are very biased.

Starter: Garlic Butter Roasted Mushrooms

Maincourse: Eggplant Lasagna with Parsley Pesto and Baked Meatballs in Sauce

Green Salad

Desert: Lemon Layer Cake with Lemon Cream Frosting

I found the perfect cake pan for making six inch layer cakes. I did a test and now I am prepared to bake a delicious birthday cake in two weeks time. 

BPB… Our table set for guests. 

CLASSIC COMBO… Have you ever had a muffaletta sandwich? If not, you should make one this weekend. The recipe is time consuming for a sandwich, the olive salad needs to be prepared at least 24 hours in advance. Once the sandwich is piled high with Italian meats and cheeses (I would be sure to use at least one variety of smoked cheese), it needs to rest for at least an hour being pressed to allow the flavours to mingle. Even better on homemade bread (even, even better if this bread is made by Ben). We followed this recipe, but I used a combination of the olive salads and did not even look for muffaletta bread.

Serve with a nice bowl of tomato soup with arugula pesto for a mock-Italian feast. And perfect for the weekend.

Have a great weekend.

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