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Here are some of my favourite photos of Bangalore. They were all taken from the car.

(The women are so coordinated and colourful…)

(Roadside-lovely flowers for sale)

(Classic Indian road signs)

(Classic Indian road signs-in Hindi)

( Traffic- a mix of cars, trucks, scooters, motorcycles, tuc-tucs and bicycles)

(Beautiful colours and designs)

(Hard at work-an Indian construction site)

(Pineapples on the market)

(Socialising at a roadside stand)

(Truck of empty cages)

(Livestock on the side of the road-I saw donkeys, goats, cows and chickens)

(More colorful Gods)

(Crowded public transport)

More from Mumbai tomorrow.

I’D HIRE HIM… Ben looking dapper at our post-interview coffee debrief. 

BABY BANANA…  Is this little Indian banana not the most adorable piece of fruit ever? Bananas like these were left nightly during the turn down service along with my pillow mint. So cute, so tasty and so portion controlled.

SO GOOD… Out to Fisher’s Restaurant tonight for a welcome home dinner with Ben. Everything was tasty and a change from the food I ate in India. 

In addition, there were loads of French people in Edinburgh for a rugby match, they had a table next to ours, so we were able to have a great chat!

Thanks to Aunt Kim and Uncle Tim for the gift certificate.

FISH DELISH… My tasty moules! A healthier option as they were not accompanied by frites.

We had a tasty pan-friend squid starter with our champagne. We are celebrating my return and Ben’s grant writing success. 

Fisher’s, we’ll be back.

WORK AND PLAY… See I can work and enjoy the amenities of my hotel. Emails poolside, a great way to do it!

PREPARED FRUIT… A run, a bowl of prepared fresh fruit and a glass of fresh watermelon juice. A great way to start the day. Let us see how it ends…

MUMBAI… They have been showing Slumdog Millionaire on T.V.! 

INDIAN STYLE… Love the colours and patterns. This women was particularly stylish!

TRUST ME… Ben and I have some trust issues- nothing major- but I will only let him catch me during a trust fall when were are in the shallow end of a swimming pool. Imagine my surprise to see all the women and children riding mopeds with confidence with their partners and parents. These are just a few of the couples and families I was able to capture.

The women ride ‘side saddle’ as they weave in and out of the crazy Indian traffic. They do this without helmets and while looking surprisingly pulled together. I would have sand in my teeth, my bangs would be standing tall and the look of fear would be apparent to everyone as I stared straight into their cars!

(Photos taken from inside my taxi to and from Bangalore International Airport)

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