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AARON SORKIN... For anyone who loved A Few Good MenThe West Wing, Studio 60, Sports Night, The Social Network and/or Moneyballyou will want to see The Newsroom which starts in June on HBO- fantastic cast, the Sorkin dialogue and humour. In my opinion this should be a fun watch. 

Can you believe Jeff Daniels was in Dumb and Dumber, talk about range…


Thank you to Diana for her donation for my Race for Life 10k!

You too can be as awesome as Diana by donating here.

Enjoy your Monday


Taken with instagram

Taken with instagram


A big thanks to my Aunt Noods for her donation for my Race for Life 10k!

You too can be as awesome as Noods by donating here.

Have a great weekend.

ANNIVERSARY GOODNESS… We are going to see a matinee of this production on Saturday. Along with brunch at Loudon’s- a new-for-us-brunch place, followed by some magazine reading at the Edinburgh College of Art Library before the show, then packing and dinner at home, I think we have a fun-filled anniversary planned.


Here are my favourite detail/ambiance/cloud of hugs photos from our wedding day.

(Our Lady of Victory Chapel- College of St. Catherine)

(Thanks mom for covering the buttons)

(A pearl with a story)


(Hand-sketched place cards: A Ben Pawson original)

(Bridal Bouquet and table setting)


Photos by Natasha d’Schommer.


It is a busy week at Turning Over a New Leith- Saturday, April 28, Johnners takes to the saddle for the 300+ mile Trans-Iowa V.8. 

(Photo courtesy of

Poor Johnners- he has been under the weather with bronchitis and eye troubs. The ocular bleeding (exaggeration) has led him to have to have injections directly into his eye- how horrible, but being the real athlete in the family he is going to persevere. Or maybe this is how he psych’s out his competition.

It will also be the red-carpet, world premiere of 300 Miles of Gravel, a film that features John and his cycling prowess- I hope he gets a copy on DVD. The only time spandex on the red carpet is acceptable.

John has agreed to grant his first post-race interview to Turing Over a New Leith-  stay-tuned for early next week where John will all the gory deets from the road and the red-carpet highlights.

For those of you who want to follow along- you can listen for updates with Guitar Ted.

Good luck Johnners- stay safe out there.


I interrupt wedding week to let you know I have registered to run a 10 k for the Race for Life in June. It is a women’s only race for cancer research. I am trying to raise 50 pounds for the cause. If you have some spare change, please feel free to send some the way of helping women. 

Women are great and we need to be around for as long as possible- Ben totally agrees.

Donate here!

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