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I have been looking for a new project or hobby to fill my downtime- sure I have my blogging and my sport, but since I am not an uber-successful blogger (1000 unique visitors in 365 days, thanks Google analytics) or Olympic-level athlete (according to Runkeeper over 50,000 calories burned) and I wanted to ensure Ben and I could continue to live the high-life (too many lattes). I decided to embark on a new endeavor.

Are you sitting down?

I am a budding Stella and Dot jewelry stylist. Stella and Dot is an American company that launched in the UK in 2011 and is growing quite rapidly overseas. It is social-selling business with the product available through at-home Trunk Shows and through my own site.


I have two shows confirmed and am working on booking others. Sometimes I think- what am I doing? But overall it has been quite fun.

I will be using my blog as a promotional tool but I will continue to report on life in Edinburgh and beyond as well as the other musings of life.

Wish me luck!


Oh the sunshine! After weeks of rain and cold, it was a great start to the weekend. Acting fast to take advantage of what could be only a small window of warm sun, we headed to Portobello Beach for a brunch picnic (we used to enjoy these in Grenoble- Musee Hebert was a favourite spot).

(A view from our brunch spot)

(Some homemade scones- recipe from the Tartine cookbook)

(Catching up on the news)

(Ahh, summer)

(Even though the sun is out, you still need an extra layer)

(A ridiculous man and his ridiculous little dog)

(Thank you self-timer)

The rest of our Saturdate was wonderful, some work around our place, donating two IKEA bags to Chest Heart Stroke Scotland (Ben volunteers here), coffee at the new location of Peter’s Yard in Stockbridge, dinner and a viewing of Drive on U.K. Netlix (the most recent title).

Our first visit to Portobello- dark and grey.

THANKS CHAZZY… These are the fun new trousers I got when I was back in America with the Christmas gift card Charlie gave us. I was also able to get Ben his checked shirt (seen here). Too generous.



I know you know I am a big fan of J.CREW (here and here). Since August, J.CREW has been shipping to the U.K. and shortly afterwards to the rest of the world.

J.CREW recently partnered with The Satorialist (the original street style photographer) and Garance Dore (she is French) to profile some of the stylish people wearing J.CREW across the globe, it’s called Hello, World and can check it out here.

Are these people real or models? As Zoolander would say- Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?

J.CREW has just released its pre-fall collection, back in my days of working at Banana Republic, it was just called the transition collection. Here are some of my favorites:

For her: pants, shirt, dress, skirt, shoes, bag

For him: pants, shirt, shoes, tie, sweater

Weird Random: cookbook and lipstick


Have you seen these? They are really neat and a slick way to hang your bicycles. They have proven to be the perfect solution for our two bikes in the apartment storage pickle. We opted for green. They have really opened up our spare bedroom.

(This is not our place- photo courtesy of core77)

They hang the bikes horizontally or vertically, giving you options to maximise your space. The theme of our spare room is going to be industrial chic- we already have our step ladder hanging.

OUT TAKES… Here are some of the photos of Ben preparing for his Who Wore it Better debut. You can vote on these as well.

He is so adorable! I am beyond lucky to have such a lovely husband.


Ben Pawson and Jason Segel both spotted sporting J.CREW’s Secret  Wash Lightweight Shirt in Fliss Check in Hillside Poppy. Which of these guys does the shirt justice?

Cast (write) your vote via the DISQUS comments below!


If you asked me which of my brothers would have been a father first, I would have said Charlie, followed by Will and then maybe John. John has proved me wrong with the arrival of little Ainsley Olivia. A real peanut.

It was great fun and made my eyes a little misty to see John interacting with his daughter. He and Adele (my awesome sister-in-law) are naturals. They are a great team.

Ainsley seems to realize I am really cool, which is a good start for our relationship. At six weeks she seems to eat a lot (I hope she did not get this from me)- 21 ounces a day and I guess when you weigh only eight pounds that is a ton. Maybe I should try this diet.

Let me introduce Ainsley Olivia or A.O. as we became accustomed to calling her.

(Ahh, so cute)

(This one cracks me up)

(A.O. has an exciting life ahead)

(I do not think I am poking her!)

The three of them might be coming to visit for Christmas. How fun would that be. I hope our apartment is big enough.

Taken with Instagram

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