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Ben’s favourite place. Looking for a glaze sprayer for pottery class. Ben’s class not mine! (Taken with Instagram)

RUNNING… If you have never been running in Paris, you should go. It is a great way to see the city, more and more French people are hitting the pavement (or so it seemed).

Reia and I went for two runs over the weekend, an easy 5-miler on Saturday and then a sight-scenic 10 mile jaunt on Sunday. After being running partners for 9 months (then we moved to Edinburgh), we have a fantastic rhythm and can solve our mini-problems and those of the world in our heart-pumping miles together.

Reia will not be able to join me for the Paris half-marathon in March, but I think I am still going to compete. Where are your favorite places to run?

Other running adventures, here, here (Paris Half-Marathon) and here.

NIGHT WALKING… After arriving from London to Paris last Friday, I thought I was pretty beat, but meeting up with my pal and former running buddy in Paris, I had a burst of energy. Reia is just that fun! It could also have been the pre-dinner snack of edamame.

After dinner Reia suggested we head out for a midnight walk in our Parisian neighbourhood. We were in the ninth arrondissement, so close to the lovely Sacre Couer in its calcite glory. 

Paris has such a different look and feel at night, it was so great to be back and Reia knows the city so well. Thanks Reia.  

KID’S TUNES… For all you out there with children and grand kids, you should have a listen to Frances England- her songs are so fun and Ben and I are fans. We are loving Family Tree and Red Balloon, which is available for download.

She created the CD to sell at a school fundraiser and it has gained a strong following! Enjoy. 

(Picture from Vintage Printable)

As a fan of The New Yorker, I was excited to see this book about the mid-western woman who worked as a receptionist at the New Yorker offices for over eighteen years. The author, Janet Groth studied at the University of Minnesota- creative writing. She started in NYC in 1957, so drawing on the Minnesota-connection and the year, I found the accordion treats, winner of the Pilsbury bake-off (Pilsbury is a Minnesota company) in 1957. 


Greetings from Paris. Internet connection is a bit poor in the apartment where I am staying, so I will get back to posting tomorrow when I am back.
Have a great day.

Posted from my iPhone… So hard to type!

AHH… So great to be back! Great weekend. (Taken with Instagram)

TASTY… Breakfast this morning from Look Mum No Hands, muesli, yogurt and fruit. (Taken with Instagram)

PICNIC… I was off a couple weeks ago to rest up for my upcoming trips. During the week, I met Ben for a couple of picnic lunches. One of the afternoons we met at Modern I and enjoyed the sunshine. Ben came from work! Loving his Surly Cross Check

Ben’s bike colour is Robin’s Egg Blue, but the new Hospital Foam is great and gross all at the same time!


This was my fifth visit to Russia’s capital city and this was a the best trip yet. It was heavy on the work, but what made it top-notch, I managed to squeeze in some sightseeing with Maria (she has a tumblr too!)- one of our alumnae and whom I met last March. Maria is a Moscow native and is in the know.

Maria planned a walking tour and one of the stops was Leo Tolstoy’s former Moscow home, the Tolstoy’s had a country estate,  Yasnaya Polyana located about 120 miles from Moscow. The Tolstoy’s wood-sided city dwelling is now a lovely little museum complete stuffed with the history and belongings of the family, Leo, Countess Sophia and their thirteen children.

(The entrance)

(The children’s school room)

(Maria- one of the childern’s rooms)

(The upstairs sitting room- love the patterns)

(One of the sitting rooms)

(The back garden)

(The entrance to the guest house)

(The back garden)

I think I need to revisit some of Tolstoy’s works, but Maria was telling me, his wife, Countess Sophia or Sophia Tolstaya is the more interesting character. Her diaries have been translated and published and confirm Maria’s assertion that she is a worth reading about.

Still to come- Gorky Park, Body Pump- Russian Style!

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