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We are back from Thailand- we had an amazing time. I will be posting photos soon and recounting some of our adventures. We returned on Saturday.

And now I am on the move again, in Washington D.C., then heading to NYC, followed by Boston and ending in Toronto. I arrived last night and posting this from the Dulles Airport Hyatt.

What time does my body think it is? 

PHEW… The U.S. Consulate came through. Emergency passport secured. Royal Mail lost one of my passports and the other is at the Indian visa office. Heading to U.S. and Canada. #outtahere

BARKING DOGS… Being a tourist is tough. #recliningbuddah #bangkok

BOAT… Cruising along Chao Phraya River. #Bangkok #boats

GOODBYE… So sad to be gone from Koh Lanta. #thailand #beach

We are only a hop, skip and mini-jump from Broughton Street. A lovely steet which is lined with unique shops, hairdressers, cafes and restaurants. You can easily spend a few hours wandering around here. Here are just a few of our favourite place. Enjoy the sunny-side of the street and wander over to see the murals at Mansfield Traquair after a coffee at Urban Angel.

Urban Angel/Narcissus/Edinburgh Printmakers/Mansfield Traquair Centre/L’Escargot Bleu


Stockbridge is a lovely little pocket-sized neighbourhood full of restaurants, charity shops and history. Plus you can get cheese, who does not love cheese.

Ben tells me the Chest Heart Stroke Scotland charity shop in Stockbridge is where the top-of-the line donations go to be sold. Just a few weeks ago a pair of Christian Louboutain heels were donated. A rare find.

Stockbridge Market/Ronde/I.J. Mellis Cheesemongers/St.Stephen Centre/A Room in the Town/Glenogle Pool


After eighteen months in Edinburgh, it is starting to feel like we are becoming real-life Edinburghers, sure our accents give us away, but when we are out and about I do not think anyone would identify us as tourists.

While we are away, I thought it would be fun to introduce you to some of Edinburgh’s neighbourhoods and our favourite places- just in case you have a chance to pop over for a visit. 

Up first- our hood in the series that will take you through Edinburgh. An easy guide to some of our favorite places. You can pass the afternoon in the Botantic Gardens or picnic in the rare sunshine in Inverleith Park with the swans. 

The Circle Cafe/Royal Botanic Garden/Inverleith Park/George V Park/The Orchard


We are gone- outta here and not to be heard from again… or at least for 9 days- one whole blogger week.

As you read this, Ben and I should be in Thailand enjoying our adventure in South East Asia. 

We have decided to be tech-free (except for our cameras) for the next nine days,  I feel I have become a bit too hooked on spying on people via Instagram- did you know Kim Kardashian has six million followers? That is insane- I am not one of them. We will only be back online when we arrive in Bangkok. We are armed with books, magazines, UNO and Pass the Pigs, good old-fashion fun. 

We promise to take a lot of photos.

So until then, I have queued some posts for next week. Enjoy!

*For those of you who have not seen 30 Rock recently- this is featured in an episode. Very funny. 

ORANGE FUN…  What color is your fun?

Another fun picture of light drawing. Fun with shutter speed in our hallway.

Ben surprised me with the Grace Coddington memoir I had but on my wish list, I had originally planned to take this to Thailand, but if you have not seen this book, it is huge, hard-cover and weighs exactly two pounds, eleven and a half ounces. Plus I was too excited to read it. Ms. Coddington has lead a very exciting life and was a very popular lady back in the day. Even with her very impressive rolodex (she has not yet embraced technology), she seems very down to earth. Highly recommend.

I popped this recent picture of Ben and me in this set because my coat is a variation on orange. Plus we were out having fun- heading to friends’ for dinner. 

Now I need to find some new books for Thailand- any suggestions? I have Garlic and Sapphires and White Teeth ready to go, but think one more book might be needed.

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