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GOOD-BYE… Door handle=departure. Farewell house for three weeks. Hasta Luego Ben.


I am hoping by posting this, I am reinvigorated for my upcoming three weeks away.

In parallel to my working, I need to get some serious running done, I am registered for the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon on April 14. My friend Reia (of Paris semi-marathon fame) will be popping to EDI for a few days to make memories and run- hopefully in that order.

According to Runkeeper, Reia is crushing her training, while I am just about smushing mine with my pinky toe (read, not running enough). As I travel from Mexico to Colombia to Chile to Brazil to India, these hotel gyms and I are going to get to know each other- watch out treadmills- I have a halfie to accomplish!

BOLLARDS… London even has classy street furniture, nice work Bo Jo, but I have a feeling these have been and will be around longer than your blonde hair. #london #ldn #bollards #bojo

TOP OF THE BRIDGE… Tower Bridge- still can be a tourist after many trips to London. Just looking at it from a different angle. #london #towerbridge

LDN… Chilly in the capital and now I am in Peterborough with my mother in law, signal problems on the train line=spontaneous memory making! Had a great visit with Leslie and Craig last night and Paul for lunch. Will be back. Plus I got my visa- 10 years. #london #selfie #uk

EDI WAVERLY… The only station to be named after a work of fiction. Heading to London. #sirwalterscott #edinburgh

PRE-VIEW… What’s to come on the blog later this week! #WashingtonD.C. #nation’scapital

BETTER LATE THEN NEVER… In absence of a cute V-day card from my mom, I wanted to post this video last week from Lumineux to celebrate the day of love. This is pretty cute and as lovey-dovey as I want to get.

Also, loyal reader Chloe wanted to know where my Valentine’s Day post was! Here it is.


After Winter Storm Nemo hit, Boston started to show signs of life on Sunday. It helped there was sunshine and the temperature seemed to increase by fifteen degrees overnight. I left the confines of room 536 to see what was happening out of doors.

Most everything was still closed except the occasional Starbucks and thankfully my local Wholefoods. The metro was still stopped, museums still empty and it was up to the proprietors to decide if they wanted to reopen.

I was completely unprepared in the footwear department and lucked out as Charlie had given me one of his (many) scarves as I left NYC, the stylish Bostonians post-Blizzard wardrobe is Hunter Wellingtons and leggings. By the end of my walk I had wet running shoes and my wool socks needed a day and a half to dry out! 

Here are some some of the shots from around the Back Bay- the area where I stayed.










Little Nemo followed me to Edinburgh, the day after I got back we had some ‘snow’ a light dusting probably about 2 centimetres, it was gone by the afternoon as the rain had moved in.

LET’S DO THIS… Spinning on Sunday, a perfect end to a great weekend. #lifescycles #edinburgh #spinning

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