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HOPPY EASTER… Hope you are having fun wherever you are! This is another adorable card from my mom.
Always on time and always full of love.

ORANGE GLAD… Edinburgh has colourful windows? I am! Spotted this one while out for a sunny Saturday stroll with Ben! #benisadorable #edinburgh #colouredwindows



(The menu- only in Spanish)


(First impressions are everything)


(So welcoming and love the colours)



One of our fabulous MBA students from Chile gave me some recommendations of things to do/see/eat while I was in Santiago. As you have probably realized, my priorities tend toward the eating variety, so first up is FOOD! 

There is a lovely, albeit, touristy place called Patiobellevista, which houses numerous shops selling Chilean handicrafts. Think copper and a blue stone which can only be found in Afghanistan and Chile- lapis lazuli (according to the open-top bus tour commentary). Patiobellevista also hosts some inviting restaurants with plenty of outdoor seating- which for a girl who rarely sees the sun living in Edinburgh, al fresco dining was a must.

I was instantly attracted by the outdoor porch setting of Cebichería Constitución,and understanding what this was, I was in. For you non-hispanophones- it is ceviche and it was the freshest tasting seafood I think I have eaten. This mixed-fish ceviche was served with fresh lime juice, a bit of yam, onions and white beans. I also tried some of their fresh octopus with an amazing black olive ‘dressing’ of sorts. I would love to try to recreate these dishes now I am home, hopefully Ben is game. We just need a Mercado Central* in Edinburgh.

*Mercado Central is a huge fresh seafood market in Santiago. I popped in for a look and smell (so fresh, there wasn’t one)! I was kindly asked several times where I was from- I the wide-eyed lost look always gets me in trouble. They make a famous eel broth here- I gave this a pass.

ARMY OF CUTE… Best thing since Gnomeo and Juliet. Have you seen that movie? It is so sweet. #garden #gardengnomes #gnomes


While I was in India, I was talking to my mom and she mentioned I was going to lose my two most loyal readers if I did not get my act together and start to post regularly again and Instagram photos were not the posts she had in mind- does she have Google Analytics tracking my readership?

She was of course referring to herself and our Aunt Mickey. My mom’s best chum from her crazy college days. They went to St. Kate’s (I went there too) together and after graduation they lived in St. Paul and from what I have heard, had some of the best times together.

Aunt Mickey is my brother John’s godmother and is the best gifter (we rarely entertain without our monogrammed placemats) and has been included in all our family celebrations! She is great fun, has an excellent sense of humour and would do anything for any of us Gorrilla/Smyth kids! Plus she reads my blog! Thanks Aunt Mickey.


I am keeping you guessing this week with posts of both home and away. Today we have another home post, which could also be categorised as away as it comes from a visit, my first, to Glasgow. 

Have you ever high-fived a celebrity? I am guessing my brother Charlie probably has, also my brother John, he waited in long lines for the autographs of Greg LeMond and Brad Pitt (the latter comes with a story which has gone into the sister-vault where it will remain), these were probably not the traditional up-top versions, more of a respectable handshake. My friend Chloe met Mick Jagger- did they high-five (not a euphemism), she has a photo to prove it, but I cannot find the link to her blog?

I have not, but I got pretty close at the Gallery of Modern Art- Glasgow or GoMA on a pre-travel visit. Captured below are two people who Ben and I would have down lowed, too slowed, had we had the opportunity. A Swiss artist with an Italian name, Alberto Giacometti and author of everyone’s favourite and true French classique Le Petit Prince and the name of the airport in his native Lyon,Antoine Saint-Exupéry



More to come from GoMA later this week! Hint- more of our museum visit which is linked to our former life in France. Is it a sign?


I love me a toasted hazelnut. I would have thought I would have od’d on them when I was in Istanbul last October (here, here and here). I think the hazelnut is the national nut of Turkey, I sustained myself on a diet of hazelnuts and green oranges. So this cookie recipe for Chocolate Hazelnut Crinkle cookies was perfect. I like to make sure Ben has a little something sweet to take with him in his lunches while I am/was away. I am so old-fashioned sometimes!





We are having our friends Sarah and James over for a Good Friday Brunch and I am so excited to entertain. It has been ages and even more special than Good Friday, they have recently gotten engaged!

SPRING… #Narcissus, the cutest little flower shop on #BroughtonStreet. #edinburgh


After three weeks of not having to do anything around any home- mostly the one I share with Ben, reentry is proving tough. I had to carry my own suitcase up one flight of stairs. What do you mean, I have to open and close my own curtains? I keep pushing the number one on the phone, but my 24-hour butler no longer answers and Ben’s excitement for my return was short-lived and I had to actually make my half of the bed. Look at the way my laundry from India was folded and presented- I now have impossible standards.

No fresh-squeezed orange juice, I knew this apartment was missing something and that something is an omelette station and while I am at it, a cereal bar, a juice bar and a wide-range of fresh-cut fruits. 

Ben is also struggling- I have thrown off his morning routine. He actually finished his coffee before work instead of taking it along with him. Oh the struggles.

SPRING… Everyone seemed to trumpet the arrival of spring, but amidst the flurries, wind and cold, I could not join the celebration. Today is much more spring-like, sunshine and a blue sky overhead. Looking forward to being in Edinburgh for several weeks (no travels until the end of April), getting out for some cycle rides with Ben and enjoying his company.

What do you have planned for your spring?

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