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Together -She & Him
Wildflowers-Tom Petty
All the Years -Wild Child
Sounds Like Hallelujah -The Head And The Heart
Bon Vivant – Mister and Mississippi
Get Off Of My Cloud -The Rolling Stones
Sweet Pea- Amos Lee
American Girls -Counting Crows
Overjoyed -Bastille
Be A Bee- Air
Come Running- Van Morrison
Friends – Flight Of The Conchords
Summer Rain -The Primitives
Sugar Coated Iceberg -Lightning Seeds
Only the Good Die Young -Billy Joel
Satellite – Lena
Electric Twist – A Fine Frenzy
The Long Way Around -Dixie Chicks

LISTEN UP… This week is just a fun selection of songs, it also appears I have been hit with a bout of nostalgia today. Tomorrow is June 1, so real summer is just around the corner. Is it hot where you are? There were some arms out today in Edinburgh- not mine. Other people, other arms.

Have a fun-filled weekend, we are taking it easy! Nothing on the agenda for the moment and we are trying hard to keep it this way.

Spotify users, you can listen to the mix here! My father-in-law has joined the fun!


I was invited to a wedding this past weekend.  It was as the plus one of my fabulous friend Toni. It turned out to be such a beautiful, sunshine-filled day in Edinburgh, I was able to get another wear out of my favourite wedding frock (here I am at Ieva and Will’s wedding)- complete with cardigan and trench- even May in Edinburgh is chilly!

There was dancing so flats were perfect. 

Completing the look- arm party with some special jewels.

I am off to get a haircut tomorrow, so the decision about my bangs will be made then- to grow or to cut- I just cannot decide. Any thoughts?


The Edinburgh International Film Festival releases the schedule for this year’s event tomorrow. The 2013 festival runs from June 19-30. The festival started in 1947 and has boasted some fabulous premieres- Brave made its European debut last year.

What I am hoping for is another set of fantastic films shown outdoors in St. Andrew’s Square the weekend before. They were a complete surprise last year, but now we know there could be a possibility of screenings, we can look out for them. 


Last year was just miserable, we only saw about thirty minutes of Toy Story II, before turning in our free ponchos and heading home for dry movie watching.We have June 14 off, so this would be the perfect day to picnic and movie watch in the city centre.

What would be your favourite outdoor film?


Sometimes I regret my ideas to get out and embrace life! Our recent trip to Yellowcraig’s beach was not one of these times, even though our adventure did not go as originally planned. Curses new running shoes, but we still had a fun few hours out and about.


My Scottish and outdoorsy colleague Seonaid, suggested we visit this particular beach between Edinburgh and North Berwick. Since Ben and I are ‘in training’ for the Vancouver half marathon. We wanted a change from my usual loops- I can run the same loops repeatedly and I do not like running-loop changes, but Ben does, so I thought, let’s mix it up!


Compromise is key- so off we went in our City Club Car to the beach. It was windy, cloudy, misty and cold. A perfect mix for our planned six mile run.


We had new running shoes. During all the years I have been running, I have always had 12mm running shoes, but due to the barefoot running craze, they are harder and harder to track down, so I opted for an 8mm pair. I had heard stories about how these lower shoes can lead to injuries if you do not break them in slowly. I quickly realized that running six miles might be a bit much- I am sure you are thinking- wimp- and you are probably correct, but I did not want to injure myself and jeopardise our upcoming race.


We ended up running just a few miles on the trails- I got in another run later in the day. My shoes now seem nicely broken in, we had a long run last weekend in the pouring rain.


The next time it is sunny and a bit warmer, Yellowcraig’s would be a perfect spot to picnic. Ben thinks we should cycle out here the next time, I remember hills, so I am not entirely onboard with this plan.


LISTEN UP… The tunes coming to you this week are my interpretation of the mix we heard during our recent experience at the Roller Derby. The star is worn on the helmet of the jammer, the skater who scores. Edinburgh has several teams and we saw the Auld Reekie Roller Girls. It was such a fabulous atmosphere. I took pictures which I will be posting soon- promise.

What are your plans for the weekend? We have friends coming tomorrow, Sarah and Tom, friends from Ben’s MBA year. I am a plus one for a wedding- my friend Toni is taking me. England has a Bank Holiday, we do not have the day off here in Scotland. 

Wishing all my American friends and family a Happy Memorial Day!

Enjoy the long weekend!

Listen to the mix here if you have spotifiy.

THIS IS HAPPENING… I am sure almost everyone knows- Arrested Development releases the entire fourth season this Sunday- direct to Netflix. For those of you who are not in with the Bluths, you should be, they are the funniest dysfunctional family since my own- this is how relatable they are.

Back in the day, Ben surprised me with season one for my birthday when we lived in Grenoble and I am positive we spent the entire weekend hooked on their antics. Seasons two and three were even better. Then it went off the air- too smart of America (is what others have said- I agree since America likes the Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men).

Knowing Michael, George Michael, Lucille, George Sr., Lindsey, Tobias, Maeby, Gob and Buster would soon be appearing on screen again soon helped with our decision to keep our Netflix subscription. The UK version has nothing on the US- where is the complete West Wing series?

We talked about taking Monday off of work to watch the 15 episodes in one go- this way we will know if we will see the return of the Hot Cops, Mr. F, Lucille II, the seal with the taste of mammal blood, the Blue Man Group, the never nudes, Egg, Steve Holt, and the mole! 

Enjoy the return.

This T.V. programme even has global appeal and made it into The Guardian.


There are times when I sit on the bus or in a cafe and I could swear the language I hear is something other than English. To this day, I still find the Scottish accent a struggle to understand. Of course, there are the people who enunciate clearly and I can pick up all the words, but then there are others who seem to chat so fast and run all their phrases together I am at a total loss.

With the Edinburgh festival season soon upon us, I thought I would help those of you who will be coming to Edinburgh to clog our streets in the coming months with some Scottish words which might ‘elp ya seem lika local. 

Some of my favourites:












These are such fun, I  am going to work them into converation this week. First test will be at a very Scottish afterwork festivity tomorrow evening. Skittles at The Sheep’s Heid, Edinburgh’s oldest pub.

For more words, there are many more here.


LISTEN UP… This week it is brought to you by our two years in Scotland. I was so surprised when I compiled this list on some of the singers and groups who were Scottish.

Sheena Easton- she dated Minnesota-native Prince! The Talking Heads, how could a classic American movie like the breakfast club end with a non U.S.A based groups song. What is your biggest surprise?

Have a great weekend- we are doing something new and exciting and I will post about it next week- promise.

Listen along on Spotify here


We arrived in Edinburgh two years ago today. Crazy to think this is possible, but it is, we have the easyjet ticket stubs to prove it. I married a slight hoarder. The two weeks before I started my job were packed with exploring our new city, finding a place to stay, realizing we would never be hot again and adjusting to life in an English speaking country. Here are some of the photos from that time.










Ben and I are looking forward to more years in Edinburgh, so if you have not yet visited us or the city, there is no real rush… or is there?


LISTEN UP… This week we are celebrating MOM!  Mine, yours, you if you have littles- whosever it is- they are most likely amazing. The lady singers on this week’s list are all mothers -some better than others (did you catch what mom of four Madonna wore to the Met Gala this week-cringe!) My mom favoured the long-sweeping broom skirts-phew. None of these women are as fabulous as my own mother, except maybe Beyonce. 

It should be noted I have a pretty cool mother-in-law as well, but the U.K. celebrates Mother’s Day in March, so Sue has already had her day!

Some interesting facts about the ladies on the list Kate McGarrigle claims Rufus Wainright as a son. Vanessa Paradis has two children with just-turned-50 Johnny Depp, sadly they are no longer together. 

The song Don’t Cut Your Hair is an inside joke between my mom and I and I will be forever haunted by my senior picture! 

Have a fabulous weekend and remember to enjoy your mother!

Listen to the mix on Spotify, here

You can see my cute mom here, here and here!

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