In June, and since I have been posting irregularly since then, I have not had an opportunity to post the photos from our little dinner party. I am sure you have organized more amazing activities for your loved one’s celebration, but this year, Ben wanted a small get-together with several friends, Donal, Fiona, Sarah and James. Classy-surf was the theme of the meal it mirrored Ben’s gift- surf lessons and a coffee-table book full of inspirational surf photos from Leroy Grannis.

We served tasty burgers sandwiched in homemade buns. A choice of toppings- roasted tomatoes, guacamole or caramelized onions to accompany the charred beef or the healthy sweet potato chips. A beachy cabbage salad was served in a small craft paper box. Bamboo plates and cutlery made clean-up a breeze and we could move swiftly on to the dessert- brownie ice-cream sandwiches with freshly made mint ice cream. The birthday boy requested this classic combination. This meal had been our first encounter with gluten since we had started doing our healthy eating and this was so worth giving into temptation for.

We threw together a theme-cocktail, a blue berry margarita served in mini-milk bottles. Paper straws are all the rage these days, they look really cute and add some pizazz to your drink, but after about 10 minutes in liquid, they start to crumble, defeats the purpose of a straw. Have you tried the paper straw? Any tips to get it last? Keep it dry?

P1020152 P1020156 P1020162 Ben's-Birthday-Drinks Burger P1020172 Brownies

I have to start planning next year’s celebration- it is a big one for my sweet Ben.

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