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CAKE…¬†Vicky and Ray, two of our fun friends, got married around Christmas, it was a small family affair- Ray does not like crowds or attention, so as their first compromise they hosted a bash for all their friends, unfortunately we were unable to make it- Thailand took us away for a different kind of fun.

In exchange, we invited the newlyweds round for an American-themed wedding reception dinner- steak, potatoes and wilted spinach. All elevated- a steak like Heston, individual ramekins of gratin dauphinois and wilted spinach with nutmeg butter. All that was missing were butter rolls and warm glasses of milk.

And since I think all the rage for wedding cakes these days remains red velvet, we had one of those topped with our asexual hugging salt and pepper shakers proving we too believe in marriage equality! 

Have a long and happy life tougher Vicky and Ray!

Apologies these photos are not that great- night photography is something I need to improve.

IT LASTS ALL YEAR… Yum mum’s cake is top.*

*Guest post from Ben- hijacked my iPhone for this brief, yet heartfelt post.

Mor Christmas food memories to come this week.


Ben turned 38 on June 14- I cannot believe I am married to a 38 year old.

Ben had a great day, he did, you can ask him.

It started with the 7.00 a.m. viewing of the Olympic torch, followed by coffee and a full days work then home for cupcakes and song- sung by me. It was not great, but my heart was in it.

(Cuckoo’s Bakery- our local cupcake shop)

(All for me?)

(So tasty… as they were Ben’s, he rationed them over several days, if they had been mine…50/50 in one sitting- YUM!)

Ben says as he gets older birthday’s are less important- I completely disagree and will continue to celebrate his birthday- with or without him- but of course I hope it is with him!

We are going to have another mini-celebration when my cousin Jack is here. He is a Gemini as well and it is a perfect excuse for more cake.

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