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For those of you who are still anxious to sponsor me for the Roadblock Run next Sunday, there is still time. Remember, it is a really great cause- Chest, Heart, Stroke, Scotland and Ben works there, so it is even a better reason- no? 

Thanks for the help!


I chatted with my brother John today and he said my blog was getting a bit light. He even said we might be getting into a rut- oh no- worst.fear.ever.  I had better go out this instant and shave my head, get a piercing, a tattoo or hop on the train and head to Glasgow.

Actually I have been thinking about getting Ben’s initials tattooed on the back of my neck, under my hairline- a good idea?

Well say goodbye to my rut Johnners!

First up- I have registered to participate in Chest Heart Stroke Scotland’s (CHSS) Road Block Run. CHSS is where Ben works. Ben will not be running on September 23, he is going to be a course marshall and be laughing at me as I crawl, jump, slide and embarrass myself over ten kilometres. There are a variety of obstacles which I will need to conquer as I am complete the 10 km run around Arthur’s Seat.

As this is a run for charity, you can sponsor me for the cause- my goal is to raise 40 pounds. You can log onto my JustGiving page and make your contribution. CHSS and I really appreciate it.

REMEMBER…  The charity run, I did in June. 

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