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I did it- I completed the Chest Heart Heart Stroke Road Block Run this weekend. Six miles of running, studded with obstacles and rocky trails. Cheered on by Ben and his mini-fleet of volunteers. There were some enthusiastic participants and some tough feats of strength. 

The most difficult for me was the obstacle where Ben was stationed- climbing through multiple skips, with slanted sides, which were dusty and rusty. Ben was laughing the entire time I was trying to get out. Luckily someone came through and led by example and I escaped my skips and then passed this guy on the way to the finish and dare I say- crushed him.

All in, I crossed the finish line in about an hour, I think this is respectable considering the various challenges and having to wait my turn. Thanks CHSS for a great day.

(The start)

(The first obstacle- the second hardest)

(Ben’s station- in the orange hat, so cute and official)

(I did not receive the same treatment)

(This one was pretty fun- the benefits of running with a team- single tear (I was on my own))

A big thank you to my awesome sponsors! I raised 75 pounds for CHSS. To Audrey, Ben, Mom and Aunt Kim, whoop-whoop!

There might be a few more of these in my future!

Photos thanks to Flashmunki- the kilted photographers!

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