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I really like a lazy weekend, but this is not going to be one of them (Reia arrives in a few hours)- ours started a bit slowly- I woke up at 6.30 a.m.- curses British Summer Time, Ben slightly later, however, Ben did not want to get up. The consequence- a photo (it is payback for this one).


The weather today is supposedly going to break 50 degrees, so iced coffees were a must, the best recipe I have found and have used over and over- most memorably on the hot summer days in Grenoble, when the ice would be melted even before I arrived at work, is this one from GQ. We pass on the second to last step of adding water- the stronger the better.

A swirl of almond milk! You’ll notice Ben’s fully swirled on his bedside table!


Hello loyal readers. I am back in the U.K.- it was a longer than expected adventure getting back to Ben, but I am pleased to be home. I arrived last Tuesday after an unexpected extended stay in Boston. Ben was waiting for me at the airport with a hug and a flat-white in hand. We enjoyed a cab ride home and then I went to sleep!

It took me a few days to feel like me again- it was harder bouncing back from the jet-lag this trip. Luckily I had a packed week at the office, I had to be in for 9, every day. The welcome home Negronis probably did not help.

I am in the country until the February 27 when I take off for my longest adventure yet. Three weeks in South America and India without a stop at home.

I hope to be back to regular posting- I have loads of photos to share from Thailand, D.C. and New York.

Hope you are having a fun-filled weekend!



Since moving to Edinburgh, Ben and I started a fun-Friday morning tradition. He cycles to work with me and we go for a coffee. It is the best way to start a Friday morning. We tend to frequent Peter’s Yard since it is open at 7.30 and it is practically on campus. I hope we can continue when Ben starts working outside the home, but until then, I am going to cherish our Friday’s together.

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