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La Reforma the main thoroughfare in Mexico City, home of hotels and the U.S. Embassy,  was the location of the Dios de Los Meurtos carnival decorations. There were loads of examples of brightly-coloured creatures fashioned from paper mache and other materials.

Here are some of my favourite examples: 

It was a perfect time of year to visit. The weather was perfect, maybe even a bit too warm, but a lovely stroll for enjoying the floats.

PICNIC… I was off a couple weeks ago to rest up for my upcoming trips. During the week, I met Ben for a couple of picnic lunches. One of the afternoons we met at Modern I and enjoyed the sunshine. Ben came from work! Loving his Surly Cross Check

Ben’s bike colour is Robin’s Egg Blue, but the new Hospital Foam is great and gross all at the same time!

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