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TOO CUTE… When I see old couples together, I flash-forward about thirty to forty years when Ben and I will (hopefully) still be madly in love. I spotted this couple at Heathrow during one of my recent layovers. They were enjoying their black coffees from Pret-a-Manger when the lovely wife pulled out sandwiches on whitebread. As she unwrapped one and handed it to her adorable husband, you could almost see on his face- ‘oh good God, these sandwiches, again!’

I want to make the same sandwiches for Ben until the day I die. 

NEW SHOES… Two of my loyal readers (Noods and Jack) wrote to tell me they enjoyed the Marcel the Shell video so much they went onto the internet to track down the other video that exists. So for my other readers who have not seen it, enjoy.

Thanks Noods and Jack!

NEED A PICK-ME-UP?… For those of you not familiar with the cutest seashell out there, check out Marcel. Almost as cute as Godfrey the Gingerbread, just less edible. 

WE HAVE NEVER BEAN(IE) SO WARM… Check us out in our customized wool beanies. They were knit for us by my future sister-in-law, Ieva. Mine says: Ben loves Buffy and Ben’s: B loves B. We have been stopped several times from admirers wanting a closer read. Ben was running errands the other day and was asked where his ‘hat-mate’ was. Apparently we are very memorable (in our hats). Ieva does custom orders, you can email me for additional details. They will soon be all the rage.

Have a super start to the week!


EVERYONE NEEDS A HAT… Have a fun-filled Monday.

(Photo courtesy of Feelgood Drag)

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