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WEDDING FUN… We were invited to our first Scottish wedding this weekend. I can report Ben can pull off a plaid tie, the kilt and classic jacket with square buttons is a suitable wedding ensemble and Scottish dancing is tricky, we attempted a Gay Gordons. Luckily for me, Paul, a real Scotsmen, took pity on me and offered to be my dance partner. Ben was shown the ropes by Paul’s wife, a Glaswegian. We were constantly overtaken by more capable couples swirling around the floor and we were not asked to dance again. No bother, we had been practicing our patented moves in the living room, we think we have moooovvvveeessss.

There was a difficult to understand D.J. who was pushing play and for those of you who are concerned, rest assured, I Gotta Feeling remains a popular wedding song and Shania Twain seems more popular in Scotland than she has been in years (Looks Like We Made It and Man, I Feel Like a Woman, two of the first six songs). 

We were on the train by 9.49 p.m. and collected our post wedding calzones by 10.30, we forewent the hot/cold buffet, too many fried treats. However, we did indulge in the cupcakes, the ceremony was at 6.30, the buffet did not open until 9.15, I was desparate for a snack. 

We wish the best to Sharon and Eddie. Being married is super fun.


BIRTHDAY IN REIGATE… Last weekend Ben and I went to Reigate. Reigate is the town where Ben lived when I first met him. Reigate is a charmingly posh commuter town south of London where our friends Paul and Helen live with their children Jack and Oliver. I have taken a shine to Oliver (we are both second children, I think this is the basis of our friendship).

Paul and Helen hosted a very civilized 40th Birthday Party in Paul’s honor. Friends from all over the U.K. were there. We all benefitted from Paul’s love of wine. He organized a wine tasting featuring 10 wines from the world over. We were given the dainty wine tasting glasses which ensured we were not dehydrated the next morning. Such good hosts.

We had such a great time we cannot wait for Paul’s 50th!

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