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Over the past year I have featured some other creative bloggers and wanted check back in with their sites to see what additional fun they have for us.

First creative blogger- ME! 

Not too long ago, I posted about Ben and I trying to decide where we should go on a little get away to celebrate his getting a new job, but we have decided against these European capitals and have decided to postpone the fun until January and head to Thailand.

Ben and I will spend a week exploring the jungles and beaches of Thailand and then Ben join me in conducting a week of student interviews in Bangkok.

Have you been Thailand?  Any suggestions of what we should see and do?


John and Adele welcomed Ainsley Olivia. She is adorable. I cannot wait to meet her in June.

For those of you who know Adele, she even does labor well!

If the time ever comes, the bar has been set very high. Thanks Adele.



On behalf of my former hometown, I would like to send a Minnesota-nice welcome to Ieva, my brother’s lovely, Latvian finance (not mail ordered, people) who arrives tonight at the MSP International Airport. After months of waiting for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to validate and approve their relationship, she will be passing her documents to the (fingers-crossed) welcoming border guards today.

As early witnesses to Will and Ieva’s budding romance, we were called upon to write testimonials documenting our impressions of their courtship and dating days. These were included in the official immigration application.

Ben and I attribute their success to our contribution. Here is what Ben had to say:

To Whom it may concern,

Please accept the below as testimony to the length and veracity of the relationship between William Gorrilla and Ieva Saulite.

Will Gorrilla is my brother in law, one of three, all are good and honest people. Will was recruited by my wife to come and do his MBA at the Grenoble Graduate School of Business, in France starting in September 2009.

Will is a handsome man and attracted much attention from the ladies and some gentlemen at the school. He first mentioned Ieva Saulite to me around mid October 2009, there was some flirting, mixed signals, the usual dance of attraction.  They shared an interest in climbing, and met many times at an indoor climbing wall in Fontaine, next to Grenoble.

Will and I saw Ieva out with her friends one night and Will dumped me quicker than a hot potato, so I knew something was up.

My Wife Buffy and I officially met her at a party for Wills birthday in November, and Ieva started talking to me around school.  We spent New years eve with them, after Ieva went back to Latvia for Christmas, and missed Wills mom when she visited, she did meet Wills other brother John, and his wife Adele which was good.

We saw less and less of Will, which is apparently typical of Will when he is in a relationship according to Buffy.  Later in the year we all took a trip to the five villages region of Italy, which was a great weekend.

We all look forward to Ieva and Will getting married and welcoming her to the family.

Yours Sincerely

Ben Pawson

They have three months to marry and we cannot wait to head back to Minneapolis to celebrate with them. 

Enjoy the Twin Cities Ieva!

Lots of love.

Buffy and Ben

NEW JOB… A BIG high-five goes out to my father-in-law. He started a new job yesterday, I do not understand what he will be doing, I am pretty sure it is top secret, thumb print, voice recognition, retinal scan type stuff (have you seen Mission Impossible). I’ll see if I can secure some additional details when we visit next week.

On the down/somewhat selfish side, my blog will have lost one its most loyal readers and with Dave being back to the grind he will not be sending me interesting tidbits to include on Turning Over a New Leith.

Good luck Dave!

(Photo from our wedding)

CONGRATULATIONS ARE IN ORDER… In May we will welcome a new family member! My older brother and his wife are having a baby girl. My two other brothers and I are so excited (we’ve talked about it). A new adventure starting for John and Adele. I am so excited to see my older brother as a dad. It makes me a bit misty thinking about it. Their little lady probably already has a little-pink Surly bicycle in the garage.

I am about 90% certain I will make an excellent aunt, I have loads of excellent Aunt role-models, in addition, I have almost 5 years of practice with Emily and Adam (my niece and nephew through marriage). I did find it a bit strange the first time Emily called me Auntie Buffy, Ben seems to remember, I told her to just call me Buffy, but Auntie Buffy prevails.

More on the picture tomorrow…

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