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I am hoping by posting this, I am reinvigorated for my upcoming three weeks away.

In parallel to my working, I need to get some serious running done, I am registered for the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon on April 14. My friend Reia (of Paris semi-marathon fame) will be popping to EDI for a few days to make memories and run- hopefully in that order.

According to Runkeeper, Reia is crushing her training, while I am just about smushing mine with my pinky toe (read, not running enough). As I travel from Mexico to Colombia to Chile to Brazil to India, these hotel gyms and I are going to get to know each other- watch out treadmills- I have a halfie to accomplish!


I did it- I completed the Chest Heart Heart Stroke Road Block Run this weekend. Six miles of running, studded with obstacles and rocky trails. Cheered on by Ben and his mini-fleet of volunteers. There were some enthusiastic participants and some tough feats of strength. 

The most difficult for me was the obstacle where Ben was stationed- climbing through multiple skips, with slanted sides, which were dusty and rusty. Ben was laughing the entire time I was trying to get out. Luckily someone came through and led by example and I escaped my skips and then passed this guy on the way to the finish and dare I say- crushed him.

All in, I crossed the finish line in about an hour, I think this is respectable considering the various challenges and having to wait my turn. Thanks CHSS for a great day.

(The start)

(The first obstacle- the second hardest)

(Ben’s station- in the orange hat, so cute and official)

(I did not receive the same treatment)

(This one was pretty fun- the benefits of running with a team- single tear (I was on my own))

A big thank you to my awesome sponsors! I raised 75 pounds for CHSS. To Audrey, Ben, Mom and Aunt Kim, whoop-whoop!

There might be a few more of these in my future!

Photos thanks to Flashmunki- the kilted photographers!


We do! 

In our attempts to downsize and to clear out of the things we do not think any person would actually buy we turned to free cycling. There are over eight million people in the Free-cycle community.

We have posted two items- a well worn coat stand with broken hook and poor joint. Cheesypoufs is coming to collect the stand this evening.

I also posted the Conde Nast suite of magazines, VF, the odd GQ, the random Vogue, Wired and The New Yorker, we have been stood-up twice for these- once from a  women who thinks Thor from the new Avengers movie is ‘tasty’ and on Friday by a photography student. I might repost- someone should want these right?

I have responded to one ‘wanted’ ad we pre-booked a collection of our boxes to Frank who is moving to New Zealand. The best thing is, the people come to collect the items, a sweet deal.

I also get a feeling of doing some good and I am certain it will increase my good karma. I feel a flight upgrade coming on.


I have a small confession to make-

One of the many perks of going back to Minneapolis is my mom’s supply of fun beauty and bath products. 

My mom and Paul (our hairdresser) now have Ben and I addicted to the Kusco Murphy lavender hair creme. It tames Ben’s curls and keeps my frizz at bay, plus it smells fantastic. It is an Australian-based company which luckily now sells its range on Amazon. 

She keeps her showers stocked with lovely body wash. Ben is convinced we need to find a similar product here, along with a loofah so he can keep his skin ‘drum tight’ and ‘beyond youthful’, his words not mine.

My mom is fan of Bobbi Brown products, she actually turned me onto them, I like to indulge in the anti-aging remedies of Bobbi my mom has. My mom’s newest acquisition appeared to be the Bobbi Brown Face Oil. My left it out in the open in her bathroom, so I had to try it, I put it on at night and woke up looking like my sixteen year old self- I have to find a supplier of BB in Edinburgh or duty-free.

I will neither confirm or deny if I might have used her Pale Pink, new for spring ‘12 blush for Will’s wedding.

Elnett, now that it is available in the U.S., I only used the day of the wedding to ensure my hair stayed in tact- we will see how it held up when we see the final photos of Will and Ieva’s day.

After reading this, my mom will probably buy a small safe to keep her products on lock down during our next visit. In the meantime, thanks Mom!

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