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Remember last year… so great in so many ways, including the fantastic Christmas compilation, Hey, It’s Christmas-Volume 2,  well the gang are at it again- compiling more fun Christmas classics with a modern twist. These are showcased on Hey, It’s Christmas-Volume 3

It is free for download, but you can donate to the cause. 

Enjoy jamming out and spreading Christmas cheer!

Have a great weekend and see you next week when I wow you with my gift guides!



Looking to update your Christmas music collection from the usual Jingle Bells and Deck the Halls?  Have a listen to Hey, It’s Christmas -Volume 2, available for download. It gives little known artists an opportunity to display their talents. Musicians from all over the country participate (I see similarities between this concept and that of Daytrotter).

Last year’s Hey It’s Christmas-Volume 1 is also available.

Have fun getting into the spirit. We will be listening while trimming our tree this weekend.


I came across Daytrotter a few months ago. It is a great little site. Based in Illinois and founded by a group from ‘Real America’ (for a humorous story on this concept, see 30 Rock). The featured musicians are passing through and are invited to stop into the studio for a recording session. The folks at Daytrotter then make the music available for us to download. Now I receive an email every Wednesday with that week’s new sessions. Have a look, I am sure you will enjoy.

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