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After eighteen months in Edinburgh, it is starting to feel like we are becoming real-life Edinburghers, sure our accents give us away, but when we are out and about I do not think anyone would identify us as tourists.

While we are away, I thought it would be fun to introduce you to some of Edinburgh’s neighbourhoods and our favourite places- just in case you have a chance to pop over for a visit. 

Up first- our hood in the series that will take you through Edinburgh. An easy guide to some of our favorite places. You can pass the afternoon in the Botantic Gardens or picnic in the rare sunshine in Inverleith Park with the swans. 

The Circle Cafe/Royal Botanic Garden/Inverleith Park/George V Park/The Orchard

ORANGE FUN…  What color is your fun?

Another fun picture of light drawing. Fun with shutter speed in our hallway.

Ben surprised me with the Grace Coddington memoir I had but on my wish list, I had originally planned to take this to Thailand, but if you have not seen this book, it is huge, hard-cover and weighs exactly two pounds, eleven and a half ounces. Plus I was too excited to read it. Ms. Coddington has lead a very exciting life and was a very popular lady back in the day. Even with her very impressive rolodex (she has not yet embraced technology), she seems very down to earth. Highly recommend.

I popped this recent picture of Ben and me in this set because my coat is a variation on orange. Plus we were out having fun- heading to friends’ for dinner. 

Now I need to find some new books for Thailand- any suggestions? I have Garlic and Sapphires and White Teeth ready to go, but think one more book might be needed.

WE WISH YOU A VERY MERRY… Have a great time celebrating during the festive period. We wish you all the most relaxing and fun-filled holiday. Lots of love- Buffy and Ben


Based on my clues- did you guess where I was yesterday? 

I was in London, just for the day. 

Being American does not always have its benefits- I was required to drop my documents at the Brazilian Consulate in person. It was a total of nine hours on the train for forty-five minutes with the friendly Brazilians. If all goes according to the plan, I will have my visa in early January.

With a few hours to kill, I went to Look Mum No Hands for lunch and then popped in to the Tate Modern for an afternoon of art. A good day out.

I was tucked into bed by midnight!













Ben’s parents arrive this afternoon- let the celebrating begin.



My turn- Ben has had some trouble choosing the best gifts for me- some of my ‘favorites’ have been- S-hooks for the kitchen, wooden trivets, arty photo-mag, Romka and his favourite movie- Sex, Lies and Videotape. It seems he buys me the things he wants! 

So to help him this year, here are some of the picks I would be pleased to see under our tree.

1. Bigger is better when it comes to an umbrella- this one from London Undercover is neat.

2. Hunter wellies are all the rage in Edinburgh and from what I can gather the world, I am partial to this Tretorn pair- Swedes are stylish too.

3. I try to carry my Archie Grand- ideas notebook wherever I go- I have only had about three ideas, so I will not need a new one for a while, but 2013 could be the year of ideas!

4. A bit of nostalgia- summers reading my original collection of Nancy Drew books- which is your favorite?

5. I still love my cherry-face Swiss Army watch, but I have been wanting a gold version.

6. Thinking of my humid 2013 work trips- hair product is a must and Ben keeps using mine.

7. Just in case the Semi-Sumo does not do the trick-Blax.

8. You have seen me sleeping- not stylish- these menswear inspired pj’s are perfect for upping my sleeping style.

9. No thank you to Uggs, yes please, to Cole Haan shearling drivers- torn between the Pink Tourmaline and Citrine.

10. Long-time reader- first-time subscriber or at least I could be. I would prefer the U.S. version.

11. Snuggled up with my Vogue and dreaming of Christmases past in France with un chocolat chaud.

12. Anna Wintour’s (see Vogue) number two must have some intereting things to reveal- I want to find out what.

13. Who does not love Pink Martini, plus I need some new tunes.

14. See 13 and sub Tennis for PM.

15. The white earbuds from Apple are so 2012 and at this rate probably the start of 2013.



I have been feeling sporty since taking it up a notch pre-Thailand and some of these items could keep me going strong into 2013. 

1. Motivating films like Breaking Away should help to motivate.

2. Are you exercising hard enough? Confirm your suspicions with a watch and heart rate monitor.

3. Try the classic Chariots of Fire with Scottish legend Eric Liddell and the beaches of St. Andrews to keep you interested. The music is okay too.

4. Glass is better in the form of a sleek water bottle- easier to clean and more sanitary, plus bright hues that will get people talking around the bubbler.

5. Jamming out, keeping track of your miles, carrying keys and bus fare all in a handy arm band- don’t make my mistake- comes in multiple sizes! 

6. Toasty and stylish as you huff and puff through cold winter runs.

7. My sister-in-law rides a fixie- I want to be like her- here is a cool (medium) budget version, if you buy in pounds (plus these bikes were founded in London). Again with the colours.

8. Still torn about this helmet.

9. You can never have too many pairs of running tights- as long as they are OPAQUE! 

10. Sure regular socks will do, but get a grip with Pilates socks.

11. Though we don’t live in the mountains anymore, these snowshoes would do the trick if we make in back to Grenoble this winter.

12. I have been looking for an easier to pack running shoe- fun colours as well (I am into this).



Now that Ben has guessed what I am going to get him this Christmas- he is that good. Plus, I have some trouble keeping secrets (a good marriage attribute) and I get too excited and usually break before the holiday, here are some other items which would make a fun gift for Ben or the man in your life.

1. A handcrafted bow-tie from Forage

2. Anything really from local Scottish brewery William Bros.

3. For those who wimped out on Movember and cannot quite rock the ‘stache- clips.

4. And eraser.

5. Nothing says ‘play manly poker with me’ like tartan playing cards with sharp-dressed deer.

6. Don’t just cook, learn with The McSweeney Store’s cookbook bundle. Who doesn’t want to uncover the history of the little taco truck who could (turn into a full-fledged restaurant).. 

7. Up your coffee game with the Bodum Pebo Pot. Ben will be! 

8. Trying to figure how to hold this mug is half your morning battle…

9. Ben loves his coffee- whole bean from Artisan Roast- the perfect cup is press pot away

10. Looking smart in front of a smokeless coal fire in fair isle from J.CREW.

11. Ben is a fan of Sir Paul Smith, plus he needs to be a mobile traveller.

12. Spruce up your man-cave with this framed-vintage fruit label and

13. Your non-shedding mans best friend lamp- in his permanent cone of shame.



Remember last year… so great in so many ways, including the fantastic Christmas compilation, Hey, It’s Christmas-Volume 2,  well the gang are at it again- compiling more fun Christmas classics with a modern twist. These are showcased on Hey, It’s Christmas-Volume 3

It is free for download, but you can donate to the cause. 

Enjoy jamming out and spreading Christmas cheer!

Have a great weekend and see you next week when I wow you with my gift guides!


Remember on Friday- I mentioned Ben and I were going to celebrate this weekend.

After nine Thanksgivings abroad, you begin to forget the fan fair, the traditions and the food. 

Time for new holiday customs…

Brunch is my favourite meal for entertaining. It is more casual than dinner parties, usually lighter fare and no alcohol. Mimosas are only for very special occasions! So with that in mind and a quest for a new tradition we hosted our first annual Reverse Thanksgiving Brunch, complete with pumpkin pancakes, turkey sausages and loads of coffee.

(Trout salt and pepper shakers- whose were these? We lifted them from my mom’s)

(Stacked persimmons- a festive autumnal centrepiece)

(The festive table)

(Light and fluffy- packed with pumpkin deliciousness)

This weekend it will be a feast of Thanksgiving sides! 

MY MOM… Sent an awesome card again this year (remember these I and II). Perfectly timed (waiting for us this evening) and full of love.

Mom, I am thankful for you.

To all my fantastic family and friends, have a great Thanksgiving. Hugs from Scotland.

Other posts about my mom being cool- (here, here and here).

Blast from the past- Gorrilla/Smyth Thanksgiving 2003

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