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It is Thanksgiving in the U.S. and I am not with my fantastic family. So I am bit sad today.

Part of the gang is Ohio with my brother and his wife who are frantically cooking in their makeshift basement kitchen. Their planned kitchen renovations are not finished yet. I have no doubt the meal will be amazing. The one year I spent with them, John prepared the entire feast from the now discontinued Gourmet magazine. This included coloring hard-boiled eggs purple with beets for a deviled eggs recipe.

I just hung up with my brother Charlie in NYC and he walked us through his Turkey-day menu. As a trailblazer (inside joke), he is challenging tradition by making wild mushroom bread pudding instead of stuffing. I think we might try this, I am a bit of a trailblazer too (inside joke continued).

I had an email from my dear friend Jessica, reminding me of all our fun Thanksgiving eves past. Wednesday night was a great night to go out and whoop it up, this usually led to a taxi ride down Minnehaha Parkway to get home. We would anticipate the arrival of the Great Turkey who delivered the Thanksgiving gifts, we are still waiting. Maybe next year.

During my time in France, my fellow American ex-pat, Jenny and I would have mini-feast, usually consisting of a ‘poulet roti’ and mashed potatoes. Jenny threatened to make the traditional Parker Yum-Yum Salad, I think some of the key ingredients are, marshmallows, grated cheese, mayonnaise and cream cheese. Jenny is from Texas, so I think this explains a lot! Jenny did/does make a mean pecan pie!

Turkey prices in Scotland are quite dear (Scottish for expensive), Ben went to the butcher’s to see if they had a bird for our Saturday celebration, all they had was a 2 kg (4.4 lb) turkey crown for 29 pounds sterling (44 U.S. dollars). He went with a well cared for chicken. 

The image above is from my mom’s latest holiday card (remember the Halloween finger puppets).  Makes me even more nostalgic for Thanksgiving pasts.

Have a wonderful day.


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