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HE’S STILL GOT IT… The best head of hair in Hollywood has a new movie, The Company You Keep. Mr. Redford still rocks a fabulous mop and I am looking forward to the politcial thriller and spending some time with a handsome man and Ben too- whenever it arrives in Edinburgh.

Do you have a favourite Redford film? I am partial to The Natural and All The Presidents Men - baseball and D.C. intrigue, how can you go wrong? Plus the hair.



The Business School had its Alumni Reunion this past weekend

Events started on Thursday with the key-note address from Justin Packshaw or as we referred to him in the weeks leading up to his talk, The Handsome Explorer, I think this was mostly me.

He has a fascinating profile, here are some of the most interesting:

- Fought in Gulf War I with the British Army

- Driven a motorbike through East Africa 

- Represented Britain in the Whitbread Round-the-World Yacht race.

- Took part and won a 450 mile un-supported man-hauling international race to the Magnetic North Pole

and now the most impressive:

- He summited Mount Everest

And I got to shake his hand.

Justin talked about how corporations could/should be led like extreme sport challenges and many of the attributes people need in these high-altitude, close-quarter situations are identical to those required to have a successful workplace team and company (team work, communication, drive, leadership and inspiration).

In addition to his exploring, he and his wife have a luxury cashmere goods business with a shop in London, called DeRoemer

My two take aways: EFFORT + DISCIPLINE= I FEEL GREAT and we all need to get up an hour earlier to pack-life-in!

THE MEN OF ALMATY… These statues are from around the city- just in a very short walk. I can only imagine there must be more. Who are these fellas?

OH NO… We cancelled our VF subscription. This means I am going to miss their high-class version of the sexiest man alive issue. I might have to sneak a copy into our apartment under a copy of Wired

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