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I really like a lazy weekend, but this is not going to be one of them (Reia arrives in a few hours)- ours started a bit slowly- I woke up at 6.30 a.m.- curses British Summer Time, Ben slightly later, however, Ben did not want to get up. The consequence- a photo (it is payback for this one).


The weather today is supposedly going to break 50 degrees, so iced coffees were a must, the best recipe I have found and have used over and over- most memorably on the hot summer days in Grenoble, when the ice would be melted even before I arrived at work, is this one from GQ. We pass on the second to last step of adding water- the stronger the better.

A swirl of almond milk! You’ll notice Ben’s fully swirled on his bedside table!


Here we are, January 2, 2013- what did you get up to today? 

This week I wanted to share some some of our fun photos from Christmas- they are mostly of food. Except today’s photos are of festive ornaments Ben made for our tree at his weekly ceramics class. 

I am partial to the skull and crossbones in Santa hats- these will decorate our future trees.

More on Ben’s mad ceramics skills in the coming weeks- he is so talented.

GYM TIME… Ben and I were able to squeeze in a workout while the gym was open during Christmas break (being members of the Uni gym has some disadvantages). Here is Ben after our first set of circuits- we did 1000 meters on the rowing machines as fast as we could go- Ben is clearly puffed, but he rallied for the second set of circuits.

There are no words and this video is pretty boring- it could be in a bad museum.



Now that Ben has guessed what I am going to get him this Christmas- he is that good. Plus, I have some trouble keeping secrets (a good marriage attribute) and I get too excited and usually break before the holiday, here are some other items which would make a fun gift for Ben or the man in your life.

1. A handcrafted bow-tie from Forage

2. Anything really from local Scottish brewery William Bros.

3. For those who wimped out on Movember and cannot quite rock the ‘stache- clips.

4. And eraser.

5. Nothing says ‘play manly poker with me’ like tartan playing cards with sharp-dressed deer.

6. Don’t just cook, learn with The McSweeney Store’s cookbook bundle. Who doesn’t want to uncover the history of the little taco truck who could (turn into a full-fledged restaurant).. 

7. Up your coffee game with the Bodum Pebo Pot. Ben will be! 

8. Trying to figure how to hold this mug is half your morning battle…

9. Ben loves his coffee- whole bean from Artisan Roast- the perfect cup is press pot away

10. Looking smart in front of a smokeless coal fire in fair isle from J.CREW.

11. Ben is a fan of Sir Paul Smith, plus he needs to be a mobile traveller.

12. Spruce up your man-cave with this framed-vintage fruit label and

13. Your non-shedding mans best friend lamp- in his permanent cone of shame.


I had this post originally ready for Monday, but I thought it was a bit of a sad start for a Monday, since Tuesday’s are usually pretty sad, then this is perfect! 

Other than deciding to be with Ben for evers, recently, I did the second most adult thing in my life, I made a will. Ben did as well.

It was a perfect time, November is Will-Aid in the U.K., this is a programme where a group of solictitors offer their services for a donation to a charity in lieu of an official payment. 

Ben and I had discussed taking this step for some time, better to be prepared, but our trip to Thailand had us thinking what if we die in a fiery crash together- what would happen to the Nespresso machine and our bikes, well now we know. You will all have to wait to find out (hopefully well beyond January 2013).


(Photo credit: Vicky To – November 2012)

(Photo credit: Charlie Gorrilla – March 2012)

But fiery crashes aside, thinking about life without Ben left me in tears more than once. Ben stoic as always only became misty eyed thinking about this Hallmark ad. Or this one or even this one- the tears are flowing!

We just have so much fun together.


Traveling is one of the perks of my jobs and even after all these years, it continues to be an activity that keeps me motivated and focused, but the main drawback, it takes me away from Ben for far too long. 

My homecomings can cause some marital woes. After being away, when I arrive home smelling like plane, seventy-five percent of the time I feel like hunkering down and enjoying time at home.

My poor husband, who has been so lonely for days and weeks at a time, wants to get out of the house and start having fun again- he claims all the fun stops when I am not home. I do not have any hidden cameras to show you proof of the fun stopping, but I can imagine!

But me, I might not even leave the house. I might even look just like this:

So tired and dead to the world with my eye patches on and my ear-buds in, so stylish and no, I did not know this photo was taken until I emptied the SD card. Thanks Ben!!!

Ben and I also like to indulge in some treats like this waffle-banana sundae while we catch up on T.V. programmes and what we missed from our day-to-day adventures while I was gone.

I think Ben secretly likes to nest as well!

PICNIC… I was off a couple weeks ago to rest up for my upcoming trips. During the week, I met Ben for a couple of picnic lunches. One of the afternoons we met at Modern I and enjoyed the sunshine. Ben came from work! Loving his Surly Cross Check

Ben’s bike colour is Robin’s Egg Blue, but the new Hospital Foam is great and gross all at the same time!

DAY ONE… How happy does Ben look to be finished with his first day of work? Here he is out front of Usher Hall for our Scottish Chamber Orchestra.

WORK IS EXHAUSTING… Ben on his second Friday! I was not working, but got up with Ben and cycled with him for a coffee date at MILK, a simple little cafe near his office. 

Ben headed to the office and I headed to the swimming pool. 


Ben tots got a job yo!


It is full time, it is paid, it is at Chest Heart Stroke Scotland in fundraising and it means all his hard work and dreams are coming true.

Nice work Sweet Ben!


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