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WORK IS EXHAUSTING… Ben on his second Friday! I was not working, but got up with Ben and cycled with him for a coffee date at MILK, a simple little cafe near his office. 

Ben headed to the office and I headed to the swimming pool. 

ACCESS… The tickets! So much fun. I will post more pictures this week. All I can say- amazing experience!

NICE… Thank you flowers from a happy student!

WORKING ON THE WEEKEND… Plowing through 58 scholarship applications. WOW! That is a lot of reading. Some inspirational lines coming your way- these students are impressive and it is really challenging to decide who will get a scholarship.

EVENING STROLL… It was a lovely evening last night so we headed out for a little walk.

DIY… Repainting the kitchen chairs. I found some Castorama paint in bleu clair satine. Who knew we moved this from France in Ben’s tool box?  I decided to give our chairs a bit of a redo. They are looking much improved.

THINKING OF DAVE… My father-in-law’s favorite flavor or pie. Not as tasty as Sue’s.

We are still sans internet- today might be the day, but I have said that before, so don’t hold me to it.

WHERE ARE THE PICTURES… Ben enjoying a rare moment of solitude. Since we are without the internet, we are forced to talk and read. Ben is tackling a John Irving book. We are going to a talk the Irv on May 30. I am reading a book on Wallis Simpson, so far, rather interesting.

The internet is supposed to arrive today, so better blog posts coming later in the week. I should not do too much from work.

SO GOOD… Ben reassembling the day bed after it needed to be pulled apart to fit into our new place. We had forgotten about the glue.

WE DO GET SPRING… For those of you following the Edinburgh weather patterns and see day after day of rain and gloom- HA!- not for a spell this afternoon! This was on my way back to work after my lunch-time spinning class. Lovely.

I did however dash to spinning under the cover of my trusty ‘brella.

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