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WORK IS EXHAUSTING… Ben on his second Friday! I was not working, but got up with Ben and cycled with him for a coffee date at MILK, a simple little cafe near his office. 

Ben headed to the office and I headed to the swimming pool. 


Oh the sunshine! After weeks of rain and cold, it was a great start to the weekend. Acting fast to take advantage of what could be only a small window of warm sun, we headed to Portobello Beach for a brunch picnic (we used to enjoy these in Grenoble- Musee Hebert was a favourite spot).

(A view from our brunch spot)

(Some homemade scones- recipe from the Tartine cookbook)

(Catching up on the news)

(Ahh, summer)

(Even though the sun is out, you still need an extra layer)

(A ridiculous man and his ridiculous little dog)

(Thank you self-timer)

The rest of our Saturdate was wonderful, some work around our place, donating two IKEA bags to Chest Heart Stroke Scotland (Ben volunteers here), coffee at the new location of Peter’s Yard in Stockbridge, dinner and a viewing of Drive on U.K. Netlix (the most recent title).

Our first visit to Portobello- dark and grey.


Ben and I had a date-night last Wednesday, it was great to be able to spend some qt with him after being away for nine days. Even after five years, I really miss him. Plus with the time difference of four and a half hours, it was challenging to find time to chat. Ben is so busy with his volunteering and his new part time job (what is this you say? More on this later).

We have been itching to try Peter’s Yard- no compromise pizza’s since they arrived on the scene in January (we are big fans of the Yard, here, here, here and one will be arriving to the neighbourhood soon). 

(Garlicky cole-slaw)

(Anchovy deliciousness)

(Spicy salami)

After pizza, Waterstone’s (a bookstore) was hosting a chat with John Irving- author of 13 books I have never read (I started two- 158 lb. Marriage and A Prayer for Owen Meany)! I have however seen the Cider House Rules (John Irving was awarded an Oscar for his screenplay of his novel). 
Ben is a big fan and has read all the books. John Irving has recently published a new book- In One Personand was in Edinburgh to chat about this book. He was interviewed by John Boyne (of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas fame). It was a lively discussion, but poor John Boyne, clearly a fan of the Irv turned bright red every time he asked a question. 
Thanks Ben for a fun night out.

SO GOOD… Out to Fisher’s Restaurant tonight for a welcome home dinner with Ben. Everything was tasty and a change from the food I ate in India. 

In addition, there were loads of French people in Edinburgh for a rugby match, they had a table next to ours, so we were able to have a great chat!

Thanks to Aunt Kim and Uncle Tim for the gift certificate.

DATE… Out for cocktails with Ben. Love Thursday’s!

TASTY… Delicious breakfast from Peter’s Yard, a little date with Ben on Friday morning.

WEDDING FUN… We were invited to our first Scottish wedding this weekend. I can report Ben can pull off a plaid tie, the kilt and classic jacket with square buttons is a suitable wedding ensemble and Scottish dancing is tricky, we attempted a Gay Gordons. Luckily for me, Paul, a real Scotsmen, took pity on me and offered to be my dance partner. Ben was shown the ropes by Paul’s wife, a Glaswegian. We were constantly overtaken by more capable couples swirling around the floor and we were not asked to dance again. No bother, we had been practicing our patented moves in the living room, we think we have moooovvvveeessss.

There was a difficult to understand D.J. who was pushing play and for those of you who are concerned, rest assured, I Gotta Feeling remains a popular wedding song and Shania Twain seems more popular in Scotland than she has been in years (Looks Like We Made It and Man, I Feel Like a Woman, two of the first six songs). 

We were on the train by 9.49 p.m. and collected our post wedding calzones by 10.30, we forewent the hot/cold buffet, too many fried treats. However, we did indulge in the cupcakes, the ceremony was at 6.30, the buffet did not open until 9.15, I was desparate for a snack. 

We wish the best to Sharon and Eddie. Being married is super fun.

JO-JO’SBrunch at a little Danish bakery, nice coffee and fresh pastries. Christmas vacation is off to a good start. 

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