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BOLLARDS… London even has classy street furniture, nice work Bo Jo, but I have a feeling these have been and will be around longer than your blonde hair. #london #ldn #bollards #bojo

TOP OF THE BRIDGE… Tower Bridge- still can be a tourist after many trips to London. Just looking at it from a different angle. #london #towerbridge

LDN… Chilly in the capital and now I am in Peterborough with my mother in law, signal problems on the train line=spontaneous memory making! Had a great visit with Leslie and Craig last night and Paul for lunch. Will be back. Plus I got my visa- 10 years. #london #selfie #uk


Based on my clues- did you guess where I was yesterday? 

I was in London, just for the day. 

Being American does not always have its benefits- I was required to drop my documents at the Brazilian Consulate in person. It was a total of nine hours on the train for forty-five minutes with the friendly Brazilians. If all goes according to the plan, I will have my visa in early January.

With a few hours to kill, I went to Look Mum No Hands for lunch and then popped in to the Tate Modern for an afternoon of art. A good day out.

I was tucked into bed by midnight!













Ben’s parents arrive this afternoon- let the celebrating begin.

LONDON-PART II… Words and numbers which appealed to us from around the capital.

Look Mum No Hands (LMNH) is the airy-hip bike cafe in London owned by Ben’s former classmate from grammar school Lewin Chalkley. Located in a London ‘hood that one would not think would be buzzing on a Sunday- the empty office high rises were an obvious sign, but Old Street was the perfect place for brunch.

We opted not to go out on Saturday night, feasting instead on a brown and serve baguette with cheddar and mustard- French for me, yellow for Ben- split 30/70 along with a couple of beers we ‘borrowed’ from Craig and Lesley.

By morning, our hunger levels were up, so off we went a pied. I ordered a flat white and scrambled eggs on brown toast with mushrooms, Ben went French- roasted ham and cheese croissant and a pain au raisin with a latte and double espresso. As we love to eat, we had checked the reviews and the coffee at Look Mum no Hands has received accolades for the care they take. It lived up to the coffee hype.

(Open spaces and content patrons)

The bicycle theme was everywhere. LMNH even has a shop where you can get your ride fixed while you eat. Ben and I felt a bit lame that we did not ride to brunch, but we rented Boris Bikes immediately afterwards; we hope this compensated.

(More bicycle decorations)

There was an outdoor seating area that proved popular for the cyclist finishing their Sunday morning rides. Thank you for keeping the stink outside near the ample cycle racks.

(Shiny- I would not be surprised if John and Adele already had these)

To Lewin and the LMNH gang: thanks for the warm welcome, we will be back and until then we will be tempted by the merchandise from your online shop.

  • On the beach
    On the beach
  • Near Borough Market
    Near Borough Market
  • The Tate Modern
    The Tate Modern
  • The beach near Tower Bridge
    The beach near Tower Bridge
  • A neat store front
    A neat store front
  • Love the pop of green
    Love the pop of green
  • The Hop Exchange- Nice detailing
    The Hop Exchange- Nice detailing

LONDON- PART I… Here is the first part of some of our fun photos in London. We had a great break!

BIKE MESSANGERS… Two bike messengers catching up outside the Embassy of Kazakhstan in London. I think it would be kind of fun to be a bike messenger except I do not think I am fearless enough- have you seen the traffic in London?

The bike messenger-themed movie, Premium Rushlooks fun. 

TOWER BRIDGE… Teeming with tourists, but still impressive. 

THE OTHER BIG BEN… A post fair walk to the bus. Now we are chilling at Craig and Lesley’s. Enjoying some cable T.V., we do not even need to talk. Ben got his fill of my talking this morning on the train. A captive audience. 

This photo has not been altered. Captured with the iPhone.

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