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BETTER LATE THEN NEVER… In absence of a cute V-day card from my mom, I wanted to post this video last week from Lumineux to celebrate the day of love. This is pretty cute and as lovey-dovey as I want to get.

Also, loyal reader Chloe wanted to know where my Valentine’s Day post was! Here it is.


I had this post originally ready for Monday, but I thought it was a bit of a sad start for a Monday, since Tuesday’s are usually pretty sad, then this is perfect! 

Other than deciding to be with Ben for evers, recently, I did the second most adult thing in my life, I made a will. Ben did as well.

It was a perfect time, November is Will-Aid in the U.K., this is a programme where a group of solictitors offer their services for a donation to a charity in lieu of an official payment. 

Ben and I had discussed taking this step for some time, better to be prepared, but our trip to Thailand had us thinking what if we die in a fiery crash together- what would happen to the Nespresso machine and our bikes, well now we know. You will all have to wait to find out (hopefully well beyond January 2013).


(Photo credit: Vicky To – November 2012)

(Photo credit: Charlie Gorrilla – March 2012)

But fiery crashes aside, thinking about life without Ben left me in tears more than once. Ben stoic as always only became misty eyed thinking about this Hallmark ad. Or this one or even this one- the tears are flowing!

We just have so much fun together.


Traveling is one of the perks of my jobs and even after all these years, it continues to be an activity that keeps me motivated and focused, but the main drawback, it takes me away from Ben for far too long. 

My homecomings can cause some marital woes. After being away, when I arrive home smelling like plane, seventy-five percent of the time I feel like hunkering down and enjoying time at home.

My poor husband, who has been so lonely for days and weeks at a time, wants to get out of the house and start having fun again- he claims all the fun stops when I am not home. I do not have any hidden cameras to show you proof of the fun stopping, but I can imagine!

But me, I might not even leave the house. I might even look just like this:

So tired and dead to the world with my eye patches on and my ear-buds in, so stylish and no, I did not know this photo was taken until I emptied the SD card. Thanks Ben!!!

Ben and I also like to indulge in some treats like this waffle-banana sundae while we catch up on T.V. programmes and what we missed from our day-to-day adventures while I was gone.

I think Ben secretly likes to nest as well!

TOO CUTE… When I see old couples together, I flash-forward about thirty to forty years when Ben and I will (hopefully) still be madly in love. I spotted this couple at Heathrow during one of my recent layovers. They were enjoying their black coffees from Pret-a-Manger when the lovely wife pulled out sandwiches on whitebread. As she unwrapped one and handed it to her adorable husband, you could almost see on his face- ‘oh good God, these sandwiches, again!’

I want to make the same sandwiches for Ben until the day I die. 

IEVA + WILL=BOWLING FUN… The celebration of Ieva and Will’s wedding started with a strike! Nothing says, ’ I am so excited to get married tomorrow’ like a combined bachelor/bachelorette bowling party, complete with t-shirts (yes, there was a slight spelling error, sorry Leva), mini-cupcakes and beer from plastic pitchers. It is how we Gorrilla’s roll!

A great time was had by all- thanks to Will, Ieva, Janus, Gints, Jess, Mike, Barbara, David, Matt, Charlie, Alaina, John, Adele and Ben for some memory making at Memory Lanes.

This video montage is a tad long, but there were too many fun photos not to include as many as I could.

(Song credit: 5 Years Time by Noah and the Whale)


HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY… Ben, even though every day is Valentine’s Day with you, I am sending you lots of love from Toronto! See you tomorrow. 

Let the fun times continue.

A simple reminder on a cold and windy Friday in Edinburgh!

Have a great weekend!


When Ben and I decided he should leave his job to begin his MBA program in 2009, I knew our lives were going to change. I thought of the immediate concerns, can I support us? Is this a responsible choice for adults? Ben had a great job, will he ever find a new one with the economy? We were working and saving, getting set for a future, but Ben needed a change. He was in a rut. He had lost his motivation. He had hit his very own glass ceiling.

We had not never for a second stopped to think about the benefits of his being at home. Since September 2009 I have been had the pleasure of spending so much more time with my adorable husband. Since Ben was completing his MBA at the top-European business school where I was then working, we would walk to school together, he would pop in to see me during the day (my team loved him), we could meet in the school cafe for a quick espresso and at the end of the day we would stroll home together and chat about our days. I smile as I remember these days!

During the thesis portion of his MBA, Ben worked diligently during the week to ensure he would be available to hang out with me on the weekends. He also prepared dinner most evenings so we could eat together when I got home from work. He even joined the admissions team in Grenoble and I was able to stare at the back of his head for 5 months. Ahhh, bliss.

Since arriving in Edinburgh, we have continued to have extra time to spend together. We meet at the gym after work, Ben is able to bring me lunch, we cycle in together for coffees on Friday mornings and there is the excitement of exploring our new city together.

It is now November and Ben has started his job search. I am torn between wanting him to find a job and wanting to keep him at home during the day, baking bread and making my life easier! I know I will be sad when he starts back to a full-time position, but he is motivated again and he found his passion which was our ultimate goal when we made this decision together 25 months ago.


heart made by buffy on her ipod touch.


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