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(photo from La Foundation de la Haute Horlogerie)

Ben officially graduated from his MBA program. He will receive his degree with distinction. Due to his final thesis grade, you will be able to find a copy of his final work in the Dieter Schmidt library for infinity and viande!

So proud of you Ben.


When Ben and I decided he should leave his job to begin his MBA program in 2009, I knew our lives were going to change. I thought of the immediate concerns, can I support us? Is this a responsible choice for adults? Ben had a great job, will he ever find a new one with the economy? We were working and saving, getting set for a future, but Ben needed a change. He was in a rut. He had lost his motivation. He had hit his very own glass ceiling.

We had not never for a second stopped to think about the benefits of his being at home. Since September 2009 I have been had the pleasure of spending so much more time with my adorable husband. Since Ben was completing his MBA at the top-European business school where I was then working, we would walk to school together, he would pop in to see me during the day (my team loved him), we could meet in the school cafe for a quick espresso and at the end of the day we would stroll home together and chat about our days. I smile as I remember these days!

During the thesis portion of his MBA, Ben worked diligently during the week to ensure he would be available to hang out with me on the weekends. He also prepared dinner most evenings so we could eat together when I got home from work. He even joined the admissions team in Grenoble and I was able to stare at the back of his head for 5 months. Ahhh, bliss.

Since arriving in Edinburgh, we have continued to have extra time to spend together. We meet at the gym after work, Ben is able to bring me lunch, we cycle in together for coffees on Friday mornings and there is the excitement of exploring our new city together.

It is now November and Ben has started his job search. I am torn between wanting him to find a job and wanting to keep him at home during the day, baking bread and making my life easier! I know I will be sad when he starts back to a full-time position, but he is motivated again and he found his passion which was our ultimate goal when we made this decision together 25 months ago.


After a gruelling year, my sweet Ben has completed his MBA thesis, it is winging its way to GGSB as you read this! Thesis completion means that Ben has also completed his MBA and will soon be awarded a diploma from a top-European Business School. Some details on his mini-tome:

Official Title: What Cost Accountabliity?

Final Word Count: 19,300

Pages: 58

New White Hairs: 13

Days until celebration in Madrid: 11

What’s next for my master’s graduate? Per our original ZOPA, Ben will be taking the month of October for Ben-time, an opportunity to relax and enjoy life outside the thesis room. Then the world is wide open to him!

Ben, I am beyond proud of you! I knew you would CRUSH it. Love you!

A brief digression from Travel Monday’s for this exciting news!

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