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Mary and Colin (Ben’s adventurous aunt and uncle, remember their first visit) were in Glasgow for a weekend getaway and they invited us to visit for the day. This was my first visit to Glasgow and it was too short (another post about our visit). 

We had a flurry of art at GoMA, they had an exhibit by the artist Nikki de Saint-Phalle. The art had a very familiar quality to it, I had seen this before and then it hit me- Ms. Saint-Phalle’s art is featured in the fabulous fountain at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. My favourite is the spitting lips!

(Full lips are a theme)

(Mary and Ben reading up on the exhibit)

(Colin, a man after my own heart- straight to the video)

(Shadow and colour- nice!)

(We are so arty)

We hit the trendy art and music venue The Arches for lunch- we had some great giggles and tasty food- a ground pork and haggis burger for Ben and a spicy veggie burger for me.

Glasgow is supposed to be the place for concerts and art but it is a city also renowned for the unhealthy influence on its residents- it is called the Glasgow Effect and makes me relieved we live in Edinburgh.

  • Roxy Paine- Graft
    Roxy Paine- Graft
  • Roy Lichtenstein- House I
    Roy Lichtenstein- House I
  • Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen- Typewriter Eraser, Scale X
    Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen- Typewriter Eraser, Scale X

D.C. AT DUSK… Yesterday, I mentioned the warm weather in D.C. at the start of my visit, well it made for a lovely wander and some great pictures of a mild and misty evening. 

The National Gallery of Art has a little sculpture garden which was open. There was a little out-door skating rink and to see uniformed school kids in short sleeves skating through the puddles in January was a bit surreal.


I am keeping you guessing this week with posts of both home and away. Today we have another home post, which could also be categorised as away as it comes from a visit, my first, to Glasgow. 

Have you ever high-fived a celebrity? I am guessing my brother Charlie probably has, also my brother John, he waited in long lines for the autographs of Greg LeMond and Brad Pitt (the latter comes with a story which has gone into the sister-vault where it will remain), these were probably not the traditional up-top versions, more of a respectable handshake. My friend Chloe met Mick Jagger- did they high-five (not a euphemism), she has a photo to prove it, but I cannot find the link to her blog?

I have not, but I got pretty close at the Gallery of Modern Art- Glasgow or GoMA on a pre-travel visit. Captured below are two people who Ben and I would have down lowed, too slowed, had we had the opportunity. A Swiss artist with an Italian name, Alberto Giacometti and author of everyone’s favourite and true French classique Le Petit Prince and the name of the airport in his native Lyon,Antoine Saint-Exupéry



More to come from GoMA later this week! Hint- more of our museum visit which is linked to our former life in France. Is it a sign?


Edinburgh in the fall is fabulous. This is the first weekend Ben and I have had nothing on our agendas. We cycled to Modern II to check out the S.J. Peploe exhibit and enjoy the sunshine. 

We walked down to the Water of Leith to watch the leaves. Ben was fascinated. 

SO SAD… Leaving Modern II is always a drag. Time to head home and do the ironing.

  • BEN AND ME- 2008
    BEN AND ME- 2008

ISTANBUL MODERN… Back in 2008, Ben and I visited Istanbul and had a wonderful time exploring the city and spent an afternoon at the Istanbul Modern

I went back this trip and enjoyed an afternoon of art. So many talented Turkish artists.

Enjoy some of the art.


Leo is my godson. His mom is my best friend since the eighth grade, Jessica. Leo and I have never really hung out before, our previous meetings involved someone hiding behind the couch (guess who) and him yelling no at the top of his lungs when his mom asks if he wants to talk to me over skype.

That was the old Leo. Leo is now a mature 6 year old, in Kindergarten at St. Rose of Lima School in Roseville, he even takes the bus to school. 

We were finally able to convince Leo to spend some quality time with us. Ben and I borrowed Leo and headed to the Walker Art Center for an afternoon of exploring art and enjoying the sunshine in the sculpture garden.

We had a great time and I think Leo did too.


As promised…

Strolling out of Modern I during our latest visit were what seemed to be a very high percentage of mothers with strollers and very pregnant women. As soon as we walked in, it became clear what all the fuss was about. The giant baby girl in the front room. 

I thought to myself, ‘wow, that is a huge baby.’ It is by an Australian artist Ron Mueck who worked as model builder and puppet maker. I have not seen a lot of ‘fresh’ babies, but this sculpture seems just so real (except for the size, of course). Each of the hairs was individually inserted, that is a labour of love.

                                                                                      (A Girl- Ron Mueck)

                                                                      (A Girl- Ron Mueck)

                                                                                     (A Girl- Ron Mueck)

Several of Mueck’s other works are a tad too authentic, he takes the hyper-realism movement almost too seriously.

MODERN II… The pillars of the former Dean Gallery.


SO FUN… Photos of our Sunday out at the National Portrait Gallery. There was a little concert of jazz and Christmas favorites in the lobby. 

Did you notice the photos are slightly different than usual? I added the Diana Lens+ : Super-Wide 38mm to my digital camera. The plastic lens adds a soft dreamy quality to the photos, my skin has never looked so good.

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