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LISTEN UP… This week we are celebrating MOM!  Mine, yours, you if you have littles- whosever it is- they are most likely amazing. The lady singers on this week’s list are all mothers -some better than others (did you catch what mom of four Madonna wore to the Met Gala this week-cringe!) My mom favoured the long-sweeping broom skirts-phew. None of these women are as fabulous as my own mother, except maybe Beyonce. 

It should be noted I have a pretty cool mother-in-law as well, but the U.K. celebrates Mother’s Day in March, so Sue has already had her day!

Some interesting facts about the ladies on the list Kate McGarrigle claims Rufus Wainright as a son. Vanessa Paradis has two children with just-turned-50 Johnny Depp, sadly they are no longer together. 

The song Don’t Cut Your Hair is an inside joke between my mom and I and I will be forever haunted by my senior picture! 

Have a fabulous weekend and remember to enjoy your mother!

Listen to the mix on Spotify, here

You can see my cute mom here, here and here!

MY MOM… Sent an awesome card again this year (remember these I and II). Perfectly timed (waiting for us this evening) and full of love.

Mom, I am thankful for you.

To all my fantastic family and friends, have a great Thanksgiving. Hugs from Scotland.

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Blast from the past- Gorrilla/Smyth Thanksgiving 2003


I had another visitor in Chicago. My Mom! She is just so good, she said, “I cannot be 416 miles away and not see you”, how sweet is that? She hopped in her Suburu Outback equipped with Will’s GPS and drove to Chicago on Thursday, where we packed it in- concert at Millennium Park, a walk about and a sushi picnic. On Friday we headed to Ohio to see John, Adele and Ainsley- followed by a stop in Indianapolis Sunday night and then she headed back to Minneapolis Monday morning.

(All the balconies are different and it is designed by a woman)

(Looking breezy in the hot Chicago sunshine- she is so cute!)

(Trying to get a picture together…)

(Farther away is better and more flattering!)

(The light on the building is lovely)

Thanks Mom for making the effort- all in how many miles did you drive? 


I have a small confession to make-

One of the many perks of going back to Minneapolis is my mom’s supply of fun beauty and bath products. 

My mom and Paul (our hairdresser) now have Ben and I addicted to the Kusco Murphy lavender hair creme. It tames Ben’s curls and keeps my frizz at bay, plus it smells fantastic. It is an Australian-based company which luckily now sells its range on Amazon. 

She keeps her showers stocked with lovely body wash. Ben is convinced we need to find a similar product here, along with a loofah so he can keep his skin ‘drum tight’ and ‘beyond youthful’, his words not mine.

My mom is fan of Bobbi Brown products, she actually turned me onto them, I like to indulge in the anti-aging remedies of Bobbi my mom has. My mom’s newest acquisition appeared to be the Bobbi Brown Face Oil. My left it out in the open in her bathroom, so I had to try it, I put it on at night and woke up looking like my sixteen year old self- I have to find a supplier of BB in Edinburgh or duty-free.

I will neither confirm or deny if I might have used her Pale Pink, new for spring ‘12 blush for Will’s wedding.

Elnett, now that it is available in the U.S., I only used the day of the wedding to ensure my hair stayed in tact- we will see how it held up when we see the final photos of Will and Ieva’s day.

After reading this, my mom will probably buy a small safe to keep her products on lock down during our next visit. In the meantime, thanks Mom!


AWWW… Here are some of my favourite shots from my Mom’s visit. It was wonderful sharing a week with her. She adapted well to our chilly apartment, layering a giant St. Kate’s sweatshirt under an even more giant Irish fishermen knit sweater. 

We were warmly welcomed by Ben’s Mom and Dad, had a tour of Peterborough Cathedral by a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide. It has an impressive history.

We did not make it to spin class together, my Mom did however get on a bike for the first time in 20 years. She handled the hills, the cobbles and the left side of the rode with determination and a smile. 

A word of warning if my Mom wants to pay you a visit, she will generously offer to treat you to meals and latte breaks, but her credit card NEVER was accepted and she ran out of cash on the first day. She did however have 7 euros which will buy me breakfast in Paris in a few weeks.

My Mom had a great birthday celebration with Ben, made even brighter by receiving calls from my brothers.

My Mom arrived home safely, a long flight, de-icing was needed.

We miss her. Thank you for this visit.

LOOKING GOOD… Birthday greetings go out to my mom today! She is having a great celebration with Ben in Edinburgh. Have a wonderful year Mom. You are great.

FAMILY FUN… My mom and Ben on Calton Hill. The hills are killer, just ask my mom.


We have a very important visitor arriving next week. My mom lands on Sunday, February 5.

This is her first visit to our new apartment and our new city. We are so excited; we have a week of fun times and memory making planned.

My mom has agreed to go to her first spinning class. We are going to visit Ben’s mom and dad. There will be plenty of wandering around Edinburgh, people watching and latte drinking. Some of our favorite mother-daughter travel activities. 

Unfortunately, I have to leave on February 10 (going to Toronto), Ben will carry on the entertainment and my mom’s birthday celebration until she heads out on February 12.


Every holiday, Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Columbus Day, Arbor Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day and Birthday’s my Mom sends a card*. They always arrive a week early. They are always full of love. She favors Papyrus and chooses whimsical, interactive greeting cards, lights, songs and beads. This Halloween, finger puppets! How cute is the owl?

Thanks Mom!

*We do not actually receive cards for Columbus and Arbor Day, my brothers and I are a bit let down by this, 

There are periods when I really miss my mom and brothers. I question my 7+ year decision to live so far away from my fun (immediate) family. I came across this article in The Guardianand it reinforced how “blessed” I am to have a great relationship with them and how I would feel if something happened to anyone one of them.

“blessed”- my Grandma Dot’s favorite word, appropriate in many cases

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