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While I was in India, I was talking to my mom and she mentioned I was going to lose my two most loyal readers if I did not get my act together and start to post regularly again and Instagram photos were not the posts she had in mind- does she have Google Analytics tracking my readership?

She was of course referring to herself and our Aunt Mickey. My mom’s best chum from her crazy college days. They went to St. Kate’s (I went there too) together and after graduation they lived in St. Paul and from what I have heard, had some of the best times together.

Aunt Mickey is my brother John’s godmother and is the best gifter (we rarely entertain without our monogrammed placemats) and has been included in all our family celebrations! She is great fun, has an excellent sense of humour and would do anything for any of us Gorrilla/Smyth kids! Plus she reads my blog! Thanks Aunt Mickey.


Hello loyal readers. I am back in the U.K.- it was a longer than expected adventure getting back to Ben, but I am pleased to be home. I arrived last Tuesday after an unexpected extended stay in Boston. Ben was waiting for me at the airport with a hug and a flat-white in hand. We enjoyed a cab ride home and then I went to sleep!

It took me a few days to feel like me again- it was harder bouncing back from the jet-lag this trip. Luckily I had a packed week at the office, I had to be in for 9, every day. The welcome home Negronis probably did not help.

I am in the country until the February 27 when I take off for my longest adventure yet. Three weeks in South America and India without a stop at home.

I hope to be back to regular posting- I have loads of photos to share from Thailand, D.C. and New York.

Hope you are having a fun-filled weekend!

A.O… Doing her best impression of a sleeping Hamburgler. She is a cutie. More pictures to come when I am back.


Ben turned 38 on June 14- I cannot believe I am married to a 38 year old.

Ben had a great day, he did, you can ask him.

It started with the 7.00 a.m. viewing of the Olympic torch, followed by coffee and a full days work then home for cupcakes and song- sung by me. It was not great, but my heart was in it.

(Cuckoo’s Bakery- our local cupcake shop)

(All for me?)

(So tasty… as they were Ben’s, he rationed them over several days, if they had been mine…50/50 in one sitting- YUM!)

Ben says as he gets older birthday’s are less important- I completely disagree and will continue to celebrate his birthday- with or without him- but of course I hope it is with him!

We are going to have another mini-celebration when my cousin Jack is here. He is a Gemini as well and it is a perfect excuse for more cake.

GRANDMA KRIS… With the arrival of Ainsley, my mom is now a grandmother. They are too cute. 

My mom is going to be an excellent Grandma!

And Johnners remember you made our mom a grandmother.

CHILAQUILES… We whipped up these salsa-simmered tortillas recently. Even with frying our own tortilla chips they were not too labor intensive. Thanks to Lupe Pintos for the tasty chorizo and smoky adobos.

The recipe calls for four cans of chipotle peppers, but after reading the reviews I decided to use three, it was still a touch spicy- a can and a half would probably be plenty. 

To cool the burn, we used plain yogurt instead of sour cream. 


During our trip to Minneapolis, Leo (my godson- here and here) invited Ben and me to be to join kindergarten class and be his show and tell. A role Ben took very seriously. We planned our short presentation- an introductory book- This is Edinburgh by Miroslav Sasek, followed by a slideshow of our favorite pictures of the city, passing around our passports and finishing with a flourish and snack- Walker’s Shortbread biscuits. 

In dealing with six year olds, two out of four is not bad. Ben’s accent and reading of the book went over a treat. Ben was incredibly cute responding patiently to the comments and questions from the class:

“So far, I have lost six teeth”

“I do Irish dance, I think that is about this”

“My dad’s new wife took me to see fireworks”

“Do you have kids?”

The passports were a huge distraction- too many shiny stickers and we ran out of time for snack. 

Each of the St. Rose of Lima kindergarteners took away a Edinburgh-themed postcard.

Ben received a rave email from parents whose daughter cannot wait to come to Scotland and see the Queen’s house! They called Ben- the fairy god-father- I am not sure I should be telling you this.


I am delighted to post these fabulous pictures of Ieva and Will’s wedding. I hope you enjoy them- it was a fabulous day!

(Ieva and her father- Janus Saulite)

Ieva worked closely with her sister to design her wedding dress. Her sister, a talented seamstress in Lativa, then created it. The purple flowers which decorate the dress are hand made by an artisan in Riga- Ieva wore a matching one in her hair.

(Gints Saulite- Ieva’s brother)

Ieva’s older brother was instrumental in making the day even more special, playing and singing the majority of the music. He played a moving rendition of Lenord Cohen’s Hallelujah as the recessional. He is becoming quite popular in Latvia and I heard a rumour that he dated Latvia’s Eurovision song contest’s entry songstress. Is this true? I need more details.

(It’s official!)

(It’s Father O’Gara)

Father O’Gara, married the cute couple. O’G (as my mom sometimes calls him) is ‘our family priest’ he has been with us for years. He baptised me and he married us. Charlie is hoping to find a bride sooner rather than later! Anyone interested- you might be after the photos.

(Charlie, Will and Ben- pre-ceremony fun! Nice shoes.)

(The Family- Charlie, Adele, John, Mom, Will, Ieva, Ben and me)

(The Reception)

Voted most romantic restaurant in Minneapolis, The Nicollet Island Inn was a perfect place for a reception. Our mom organised another top-notch event with a cozy room, a well-thought out seating plan, lively conversation, fantastic food- best steak ever, a couple of heart-felt toasts and cake!- it is always a party when there is cake!

(Reception fun with Aunt Sally and Uncle Joe)

(Heading off- for better or better)

Thanks Ieva and Will for such a fun day.

All photos from the talented Nadia Alenov.

For additional photos, check out flickr.

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