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Hello! I am typing this from the Toronto airport, I am waiting for my 10.30 p.m. flight which will get me back to Edinburgh by 1.00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. This will be the longest part of my three-week adventure.  I will undoubtedly spend my weekend in deep slumbers recovering from the overnight flight. What will you doing with yours? P1040202

I will be posting photos from far and farther next week, belated pictures from our summer trips and it has occurred to me, I never shared our memories from Thailand- so I will throw a few of those in next week as well.

P1040215To get you excited, here are a couple from NYC.



I seem to be working in reverse and am SO BEHIND, soon I will be back to Thailand and all the photos, until then we have NYC and D.C. to get through- at least Boston is finished. But now since I have a two month lag- I will have to add Santiago to the mix.

In NYC, I was able to catch up with some fabulous people- my brother, Audree, Charlie’s former roomie and whom I might even say is a friend and Nina, a former GGSB MBA recruit turned fun-friend. 


My brother Charlie is way cooler than I am- always has been and  imagine he always will be. When I told him the dates of my work-trip to NYC, he said this is great because we could go see the Lumineers. Until that moment I had not heard of this up and coming group- now I see them everywhere including the Grammy’s! It was a great concert even though I was the only one who knew none of the songs. 


(Here they are on stage at Terminal 5)


(Charlie looking good in buffalo plaid)


(The fun and lovely Audree- hopefully she won’t be upset!)


Brunch at a new restaurant- Mambo with Nina- unfortunately I do not have any photos from our memory-making-cathc-up session. It was great to see Nina- she is a hoot. NYC was super chilly so we passed on our plan for a walk through Central Park- next time Nina, next time! We tried a new restaurant, Hey Mambo, when our original choice Good Enough to Eat had a line out the door! Next time I look forward to the biscuits and strawberry butter. 


Fancy spin class at Soul Cycles- have you heard of this place? It is all the rage at the moment in NYC and beyond. They have plans to open a gym in London. Charlie had never spun, but now is hooked. We looked like hobo spinners when we arrived- old t-shirts and I was wearing Charlie’s giant Adidas track pants because it was so cold. The other spinners decked out in Lululemon and other highly coordinated outfits. As someone who does spinning regularly, I was sure I could handle it, I did until we grabbed our hand weights and started pulsing while riding- ouch! 

Post spin, it was back to Charlie’s for chicken chill- he is quite the whiz in the kitchen. We were joined by Audree who generously brought several bottles of wine- it was perfect for ‘watching’ the SuperBowl- who played again? 


MONDAY: Off to Boston.

Thanks Charlie for the fun times. I look forward to frisbee in Central Park and jamba juices!

HEY HO… Memory making with the #Lumineers. And @cgorrilla and @audimor. Fun times. #concert #nyc #memorymaking

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