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TAXI… For my last work-related trip, I arranged cars to collect me at each airport, just easier and no need to worry about getting fleeced- all the tourist sites warn about this. It is a common problem in Russia where there is no monitoring of cabs. Here is a mini podcast of images from my cab in Almaty, Kazakhstan and the ride to the hotel.

My driver definitely had other priorities, he was working on the sign for his next airport pick-up which he asked me to proof, a challenge given he spoke no English.

His car was a wreck- you will soon see. I was impressed with his visor stereo- I had never seen anything like it before. 

HOCKEY HITS SCOTLAND… I am taking a really interesting class, Journalism: A Practical Introduction to a Changing Trade. Last week we talked podcasting and how these audio pieces can enhance a story or act as a stand alone piece. Here is my podcast with photos from the Edinburgh Capitals game.

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