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At the end of the week I will be heading out on my first trip of the recruiting season. I will then be on the go for the majority of the month, gone almost every weekend from now until early November.

My poor sweet Ben will be on his own. Plenty of Ben-time and time to realise he cannot live without me and just not enough to realise he can (you can ask him where the threshold is- somewhere between 4 and 12 days).

Of all the cities- only Mexico City will be new. I have been getting loads of pointers and cannot wait to explore.

Here is where I will be:

  • Moscow
  • London
  • Paris
  • Istanbul
  • Mexico City
  • Bogota
  • Athens

I will be posting from the road- so stay tuned for adventures and please don’t forget about Ben.


Today marks the final countdown to the London 2012 Olympic Games. Even in Edinburgh we have started to feel the fever, I can only imagine the excitement in London.

Thanks to Sue (Ben’s mom), we will be attending our Olympic event on August 5, it will be a handball match, game- I am not sure, luckily I have a 100+ days to research what handball is and the rules.

Until then, what are your favorite Olympic sports?

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