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ALL THE BELLS… Ready to ring. Five minutes to go!  

After the ring started, Ben’s bell broke- the clapper fell off. Sad bell.


(Market Street Entrance) 

One entrance located across the street from Waverly Station and the other near the hotel of the same name at North Bridge, The Scotsman Steps were built in 1899 as part of The Scotsman’s offices. The Scotsman is one of the local newspapers. Today the passage gives Edinburghers quick access to Waverly Station via North Bridge and vice versa.

(Rainbow marble from around the world)

Martin Creed was commissioned in 2009 to redesign the steps that had become run down over the years. Each of the 104 steps is made from a different type of marble. The official title for the work of art Work No. 1059. The step revamp officially opened in 2011. 

(Some of my favorites)

The staircase is bright and clean. They used 109 different types of marble on this project. My favorites are the blues and greens. Before visiting the stairs, I did not know there were so many types of stone from such a wide-variety of countries, Pakistan, India, Greece, Turkey and the Republic of Macedonia. This project is a positive example of globalization, bringing the marbles from across the world to our northern capital city. 

(An impressive use of marble)

The Scotsman Steps are open year round. From the locals I have spoken with they say it was a welcome change. The steps had become a loitering point for some of the cities more unsavory citizens. 

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