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I loved Mexico City. From what little I saw of it, I was impressed by its history, architecture, food and friendly people, although I was a bit disappointed in the hotel-lobby bar margaritas*. 

I had the opportunity to poke around downtown after one of my many meetings. Here are some of the photos:

Ben and I made margaritas a few Friday’s ago- we used this recipe for Fresh Margarita’s, these were much better than my Mexican Margarita experience. 

Ben and I have been talking about taking a weekend trip to celebrate his being hired. Now that he has a job, but has not yet been paid, but we like to put the cart way before the horse. It was one of the reasons this marriage works so well.

We are looking for fun, easy and not too far. I have had the good fortune of visiting all but Prague, but I am leaning towards Rome (remember Roman Holiday)- the art, architecture and possible warm weather, if we go soon or Amsterdam. I have been once before, but the group I was with was a bit too interested in the coffee shops and not the seeing of the sights.

Any suggestions?

Thanks Ben for landing your dream job- let’s get out of here!

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