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It was brief, it was busy, but I had a great mini-tour. I braved the teacher protests and the demonstrations for a walk around my neighborhood, got over my fear of eating alone in foreign countries and sampled some of the best enchiladas con mole, met some of our fabulous alumni and caught up with them over tequila and beers (not for me). They can put it away.

Today, I am in Peru and am very excited about this, I arrived last night. I have not yet been to Peru but have heard great things about the country, the city and the cebiche!

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We are gone- outta here and not to be heard from again… or at least for 9 days- one whole blogger week.

As you read this, Ben and I should be in Thailand enjoying our adventure in South East Asia. 

We have decided to be tech-free (except for our cameras) for the next nine days,  I feel I have become a bit too hooked on spying on people via Instagram- did you know Kim Kardashian has six million followers? That is insane- I am not one of them. We will only be back online when we arrive in Bangkok. We are armed with books, magazines, UNO and Pass the Pigs, good old-fashion fun. 

We promise to take a lot of photos.

So until then, I have queued some posts for next week. Enjoy!

*For those of you who have not seen 30 Rock recently- this is featured in an episode. Very funny. 

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