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I had not joined the Downton Abbey fan base through seasons one and two, but when my mom came to visit us in February, she brought her enthusiasm for the Crawley’s and their loyal staff with her. When she left we were caught up and I was hooked. 

Cut to September, living in the U.K. has many advantages, one of which is, we get to see it first, Downton Abbey season three started on Sunday (it does not arrive in the U.S. until January 2013!). I think it is going to be an exciting season, Ben is not as convinced, he claims he would only watch that one episode, but I did catch him getting a bit misty at times.

All I can say is love is in the air, Lady Violet is fantastic and O’Brian still is evil! 

P.S. This might make up for Netflix U.K.- where they have recently added- Three Men and a Baby (1987).

AARON SORKIN... For anyone who loved A Few Good MenThe West Wing, Studio 60, Sports Night, The Social Network and/or Moneyballyou will want to see The Newsroom which starts in June on HBO- fantastic cast, the Sorkin dialogue and humour. In my opinion this should be a fun watch. 

Can you believe Jeff Daniels was in Dumb and Dumber, talk about range…

MUST SEE T.V… I know I stole this slogan from some major T.V. network, but if you are not watching ABC’s Happy Endings you should be. It is a-mah-zingly funny. Current favorite character Max, he has the best lines.

For those of you watching in the U.S., you can catch Happy Endings on ABC, Wednesday’s 8:30/9:30, for U.K. viewers, we are a bit behind. The show is on channel 4, Thursday’s.

I am considering becoming a hipster.

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