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It is always such fun to get away with Ben and our trip to Canada and the Pacific Northwest was one of the most fun. Our time in Vancouver was a mix of work and pleasure. I was there for work, Ben flew in to meet me and enjoyed some time on his own exploring the city with visits to the Vancouver Public Library, Vancouver Art Museum and exploring the waterfront. It is great because Ben susses out all there is to do and then takes me back to the best things (Madrid, Thailand, Vancouver) it means I just get to see the best a city has to offer. He always finds such unique places.

We had a full day of seeing the sites on the Saturday before our Sunday half-marathon and went for a massive walking tour of some of the cute neighborhoods. Post half marathon, we had a tasty brunch at Forage and then relaxed reading some magazines by the cost enjoying some people watching and Vogue and Vanity Fair.

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Although we had our list of excuses ready to go, in the end, we did not need any of them. We completed the Vancouver half marathon in just less than two hours.

It was a lovely run, it started sunny and then clouded over. After ‘racing’ in Europe for these past years, I appreciate North America’s early start times (7.30 vs. 10.30), the organization of the races here and the fans.

It was the first long race Ben and I have run together, so it was extra special. We made a pact to run together and even after I hit the wall at 10 miles, he did not leave me. I insisted he go on- a true running martyr!

Which race should we do next?

OH CANADA… Happy Canada Day from Vancouver. We are heading back to Edinburgh today. Maybe we will see some fireworks from above. Enjoy the celebrations.

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