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THIS IS HAPPENING… I am sure almost everyone knows- Arrested Development releases the entire fourth season this Sunday- direct to Netflix. For those of you who are not in with the Bluths, you should be, they are the funniest dysfunctional family since my own- this is how relatable they are.

Back in the day, Ben surprised me with season one for my birthday when we lived in Grenoble and I am positive we spent the entire weekend hooked on their antics. Seasons two and three were even better. Then it went off the air- too smart of America (is what others have said- I agree since America likes the Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men).

Knowing Michael, George Michael, Lucille, George Sr., Lindsey, Tobias, Maeby, Gob and Buster would soon be appearing on screen again soon helped with our decision to keep our Netflix subscription. The UK version has nothing on the US- where is the complete West Wing series?

We talked about taking Monday off of work to watch the 15 episodes in one go- this way we will know if we will see the return of the Hot Cops, Mr. F, Lucille II, the seal with the taste of mammal blood, the Blue Man Group, the never nudes, Egg, Steve Holt, and the mole! 

Enjoy the return.

This T.V. programme even has global appeal and made it into The Guardian.

BETTER LATE THEN NEVER… In absence of a cute V-day card from my mom, I wanted to post this video last week from Lumineux to celebrate the day of love. This is pretty cute and as lovey-dovey as I want to get.

Also, loyal reader Chloe wanted to know where my Valentine’s Day post was! Here it is.


IN A PINCH… This will help. My favourite the nail gun. Ben’s the string and motorcycle.

Have a great weekend. Any fun plans? We are taking it easy. Need to tidy our place because we are having friends over for brunch on Sunday.

See you on Monday.

GRITTY… Trying out a new iPhone app- 8mm Vintage Camera. Super fun, if I do say so. Leo’s Beanery is a great little cafe. We had never visited before and after our tasty egg sandwiches on granery rolls and Artisan Roast coffee, we will be going back! 

Song: The One that Got Away by April Smith and the Great Picture Show. Her album, Songs for a Sinking Ship is a great listen!

A GOOD SPORT… Prince Charles, a man of the people, covering the weather at BBC Scotland. Notice the references to royal residences. 

SHIVERS… These young dancers are amazing. I am rooting for the Colombian boy.

IEVA + WILL=BOWLING FUN… The celebration of Ieva and Will’s wedding started with a strike! Nothing says, ’ I am so excited to get married tomorrow’ like a combined bachelor/bachelorette bowling party, complete with t-shirts (yes, there was a slight spelling error, sorry Leva), mini-cupcakes and beer from plastic pitchers. It is how we Gorrilla’s roll!

A great time was had by all- thanks to Will, Ieva, Janus, Gints, Jess, Mike, Barbara, David, Matt, Charlie, Alaina, John, Adele and Ben for some memory making at Memory Lanes.

This video montage is a tad long, but there were too many fun photos not to include as many as I could.

(Song credit: 5 Years Time by Noah and the Whale)

LOVELY LATVIA… Ben and I are hoping to join Will and Ieva in Latvia this summer for sightseeing and a Sting concert. Ieva sent this video to us a while back peak our excitement for a visit to her homeland, the video does help, but meeting her adorable dad and talented brother, they sealed the deal. Get ready Latvia, here we come!

Fingers crossed John, Adele, AO and Charlie are up for it as well. By July, I might just be ready to talk to my family again!

JUST CALL ME B-VIDDY… With the new free app- Viddy, I can now post videos directly to my blog. In 15 second bursts. Here are 15 seconds of my favourite subject, in a work titled “My Day”.

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