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LISTEN UP… Inspired our recent Neil Diamond tribute concert- here is a mix of several other well known artists who have covered versions of original Neil Diamond song. There certainly are some obscure singers on this list. I tracked all the songs down on a fun site called Second Hand Songs, SHS catalogs your favourite artists’ original songs which have been recorded or performed by others. 

As you might be able to guess, the most covered Neil songs are Sweet Caroline (even Roy Orbison performed this one) and Song Sung Blue (this version by Bobby Darrin is especially peppy)! With 31 recorded covers each. 

Unfortunately some of the versions I thought would be excellent additions to this week’s Listen Up are not available on Spotify- imagine Shirley Bassey singing Love on the Rocks orWaylon Jennings’ rendition of Kentucky WomanHow about a sing off between Harry Belafonte and Josh Groban as the battle for best cover of Play Me

Hope you enjoy- if you are on Spotify, listen up here!

NOTE: The last song is not a cover, it is a duet with Neil and Natalie Maines who is one-third of the Dixie Chicks (notice a theme?)

NOTE II: The links take you to the youtube versions! A good giggle for the weekend.


I really like a lazy weekend, but this is not going to be one of them (Reia arrives in a few hours)- ours started a bit slowly- I woke up at 6.30 a.m.- curses British Summer Time, Ben slightly later, however, Ben did not want to get up. The consequence- a photo (it is payback for this one).


The weather today is supposedly going to break 50 degrees, so iced coffees were a must, the best recipe I have found and have used over and over- most memorably on the hot summer days in Grenoble, when the ice would be melted even before I arrived at work, is this one from GQ. We pass on the second to last step of adding water- the stronger the better.

A swirl of almond milk! You’ll notice Ben’s fully swirled on his bedside table!


We had nothing to do this weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday were completely empty. Usually on Wednesday, Ben and I decide what we want to do for the up coming weekend, but this week we planned nothing and it made me even more motivated to get out and explore.

To complement the enthusiasm of a free weekend, the sky was dry, not a drop fell for two straight days. A-MAH-ZING.

Saturday started with a run and then we headed into town for an exploratory walk. I had my gait analysed and was lectured about the future of running shoes.  By day’s end we had walked over eight and a half miles and I had a new pair of shoes. 

Sunday started with a run (6.5 miles) and then I made some banana muffins for a relaxing post-run brunch. I caught up on some correspondence, both email and through the post. We watched several episodes of Gilmore Girls, we are enjoying season 5 and Ben cannot seem to get enough of the life lessons which pack the series. We reconnected up with some friends and family (Linda and Charlie, thanks).


                           (The port at Newhaven on Sunday while on our run)


                                                (My fantastic running partner)

Now Ben is convinced we need to plan the next event free weekend!

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