After falling to the second most cycle-friendly city in the U.S.A (according to Bicycling), Portland might be looking to take the top place back from my hometown- Minneapolis. You go Twin Cities. Even the Portland Art Museum (P.A.M.) appears to be on board with the campaign, hosting Cyclpedia- a an exhibit featuring forty bicycles from the personal collection of Michael Embacher. It was impressive to see the cycles through history and for various activities, racing, touring, tandem, children’s and urban. They even have an Austrian example with a a blade instead of the front wheel to navigate the icy streets in the winter months. If you are in the Portland area, you should swing in to see all there is to see- it is on until September 8.

P1020679P1020655P1020675 P1020644 P1020639 P1020633 P1020635 P1020631 P1020628 P1020613 P1020621 P1020623 P1020605P1020609 P1020618 P1020645 P1020606

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