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In March, during my last three week trip I ran eighty miles on treadmills around the whole world- that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it seemed like a lot of hotel gyms in a lot of countries. This trip, I am attempting ninety miles, I need to up my game, I have challenged my friend Reia to join me virtually for this exciting venture. To complete the miles, I need to run at least 4.28 miles a day, should be pretty doable. Doubling up on some of the days to cover the days I will be airborne. I am a bit behind, so yesterday, I ran 10 miles. Reia and I will meet in Paris in mid-October and this will get us both in shape for long leisurely runs around a fabulous city (remember last year)?


The above pictures are from a recent race I completed with my friend Sarah. It is called the LP Run, it was the 4th annual one and it was to benefit Down Syndrome Scotland. The concept was really fun, you had to run around a 400m track as many times as you could in 33 1/3 minutes. I managed to complete 16 laps and 327 meters or 4.72 miles in the allotted time. I came in 10th out of 45 lady runners. I was pleasantly surprised by these results since I woke up race morning thinking it was going to be a casual jog around the spongy track, but then it all came back to me, the countless track races I did in high-school, running the mile and two mile events. The 400 intervals I did when I ran cross country in college for a season, I could do this and I did. I will not let Mo Farah’s just over 13 minute 5km time destroy my excitement!

I also chose this photo because the fuzzy focus makes me seem fast and somewhat slender. Thanks Ben.

Since starting this post, I have been sidelined by a head cold, so I am taking two days recovery and will hopefully be back at it in Lima, Peru tomorrow. Wish me luck.


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    Dave P September 4, 2013

    Good luck with the nifty 90, you can do it. Hope the cold gets better quickly.

    • Reply
      Buffy September 8, 2013

      Feeling a bit better!Trying not to let that stop me for getting my miles in!

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