I am keeping you guessing this week with posts of both home and away. Today we have another home post, which could also be categorised as away as it comes from a visit, my first, to Glasgow. 

Have you ever high-fived a celebrity? I am guessing my brother Charlie probably has, also my brother John, he waited in long lines for the autographs of Greg LeMond and Brad Pitt (the latter comes with a story which has gone into the sister-vault where it will remain), these were probably not the traditional up-top versions, more of a respectable handshake. My friend Chloe met Mick Jagger- did they high-five (not a euphemism), she has a photo to prove it, but I cannot find the link to her blog?

I have not, but I got pretty close at the Gallery of Modern Art- Glasgow or GoMA on a pre-travel visit. Captured below are two people who Ben and I would have down lowed, too slowed, had we had the opportunity. A Swiss artist with an Italian name, Alberto Giacometti and author of everyone’s favourite and true French classique Le Petit Prince and the name of the airport in his native Lyon,Antoine Saint-Exupéry



More to come from GoMA later this week! Hint- more of our museum visit which is linked to our former life in France. Is it a sign?

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